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Post subject: "ABANDONED V "  PostPosted: Mar 21, 2014 - 09:38 AM

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As we continue...and close it out...


" It was Morris Levy that told my father there was an FBI file on him "
" According to him ( Alan Freed ) it was common knowledge that they had been watching Morris at least since the early 50's, even before ROULETTE "
" Knowing him as I do { Levy } nothing rattles him and I don't think my father worried very much about it "

" That sounds to me like even the higher-levels of the US Government was after them both "

" Who knows ? "
" If there hadn't had been an I.R.S. they might have found something else "
" It wasn't very cool having the FBI and I.R.S. watching you, but I think that Morris worries more about who he can't see "

LESTER SILL: ( 1968 )
On George Goldner:
" Sure I know him, in-fact, quite well "
" He's always a snappy dresser, those groups used to love him because they saw what their future money might buy "

" Mostly what I now remember is these heavies that follow him, all ( of ) the time, they don't know a thing about the business, hell, they don't even know who's on his labels "

" These guys KNOW who George Goldner is, everybody in New York ( City ) knows who he is "

" You can't blame anybody but George Goldner, he's run with these guys at the track, borrow money at exorbitant rates, then couldn't pay it back on time "

" I told you about his gambling addiction, it was mainly the track { horses } but he'd throw money at anything going, and he's gone and run RED BIRD into the red "
" They're in trouble and I don't think this time Levy is going to save him "

" I don't know anybody out here that spiffy's-up like those New Yorkers, the Rene's { Otis and Leon } came pretty close, always dapper, and Leon's a devout Catholic, that's rare isn't it "
" We're always way too casual here, I know some DJ's that spruce-up and smell good, but the only guys I know that still do that is when they're gonna have their photo taken "
" I was over at the { Musicians } Union a couple of weeks ago, I've always seen Johnny Otis lookin' perfect from head-to-toe, but he had this Indian, you know, the Taj Mahal thing, with the beads, I've never seen him like that before and I thought he might start chanting , ummmm-umm-ummm " *
(* The laughing on this tape segment continues through-out this interview. )
( Expressions on Mister Sill's face as he ' chanted ' are priceless )

On Morris Levy:
" Even people out here talk about him "
" I do, because I associate him with Alan Freed, I don't care about the other stuff "
" We've all been accused of unfair practices, you MUST know that by now "
" Take for example honest guys like Lew Chudd "
" IMPERIAL grew in leaps and bounds, hell with Fats ( Domino ) who wouldn't ? "
" Then he took over Rick ( Ricky ) Nelson's contract, well, he didn't have a contract did he ? "
" I always wanted to base a label on IMPERIAL, one or two big sellers, then money to play around with to get other records out and on the chart, that's a great formula "
" It's exactly what he's accomplished, but talk with the Mexican guys that sold tons of records for him and Lew Chudd doesn't seem very nice, but he is, just the same " *

(* I knew Lew Chudd, and I have a deep respect for him. Unlike some other label owners of the time, Mister Chudd saw where the music was going {1963 } and retired a multi-millionaire )

Again on Morris Levy:
" I'm not gonna get into that gangster s--t, Morris Levy is his own man, he can handle himself, I'm not going to speculate about what he's capable of, or has done "
" He sure keeps going with this Tommy James kid, he's catching up with us " *
( * Lester Sill was involved with The Monkees early-on at SCREEN GEMS - COLGEMS Records )
( When the EVIL Don Kirshner was terminated, it was Lester Sill then completely took-over as " Music Coordinator " for the group, and rightly so )

" Levy this, and Levy that, I'm happy you're here, because even if you never get to publish this I've been serious ( and ) I've now had my say "

New Orleans, Louisiana
( and ) Deer Park, Texas ( as explained in the publication )


{ In-audible.... sounds like " keekicesh " }

" I know about him { Morris Levy } and most of those New York { City } types "
" You got to know them at the conventions, Atlanta, Miami, the ROULETTE suite was always thee place ( to be ) in those days, and men like George Goldner would be there "
" You never saw turkeys like Mitch Miller, he had his own thing going "
"COLUMBIA was selling records, yep, but HE, oh how do I put it, HE was anti-everything "
" EPIC, on the other hand, had the best COLUMBIA had to offer "
" I carried Roy Hamilton, he did very well, I ordered Ersel Hickey and Doris Day and we were selling { A-1 Distributors } EPIC over COLUMBIA about three-or-four-to-one "
" My best one for OKEH was " Peanuts " by Little Joe " { and The Thrillers }
" As I remember, they sold that one to us through a different account "

" All of those big hits stay with me { but } I've been in New Orleans for a long time now "

" An older lady up there { New York City } Flo { Florence } Greenberg wasn't one of the nicer people doing production either "
" She had SCEPTER { and Tiara and Wand, etc } she sold a lot on The Shirelles"

" I don't know what happened, but " Ma Greenberg " took out a $ 15,000 " hit " on Morris Levy "
" He found about it, and could have destroyed her in the blink of an eye, but didn't "
" Honestly, she had her connections too, they could come over from { New } Jersey, and somebody had said that ROULETTE had been ' booting ' SCEPTER, that just isn't true "

" I CAN say, nothing ever happened like that "
" Morris Levy could have bought-out SCEPTER-WAND five-times over, even when Gulf-Western had offered her at least four million for the labels, she turned that one {offer }down, then the c--t files chapter 11 ! "

" Once a c--t, always a c--t, o { pressing } planst should have ever given her the time of day "

As far as the rest of the inputs, the book will be in release by the time I return { 14-April-2014 } so the Morty Craft interview will be found on pages 519- thru- 522.

Thank you

...And let us remember all of those who gave up their time, suspicions, and ( eventually ) information which greatly assisted in putting this all together for posterity .

Thank you all.


The best part of the the night...
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Post subject: RE: "ABANDONED V "  PostPosted: Mar 21, 2014 - 07:49 PM

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another great read heidler

near the little town of nervous, new mexico
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