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Post subject:   PostPosted: Dec 14, 2008 - 11:46 AM
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I also have my collection catalogued in MS Access.... I have one for total recordings and one that lists total tracks

Currently only about 50% of my collection is actually catalogued... very time consuming process
My current totals are 7000 total recordings and 48000 Total tracks

the fields that I use are

- Artist
- Title
- Media Format
- Case Type
- Catalogue Number
- Storage Location
- Catagory/Genre
- Recording Label
- Country
- Limited Edition
- Signatures
- Condition
- Purchased From
- Year
- Length
- Tracks
- Value
- Comments/Description

- Artist
- Track Title
- Album Title
- Media Format
- Case Type
- Catalogue Number
- Country
- Limited Edition
- (Disc) Track #
- Year
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Post subject: Re: Orginizing Your Collection In A Spreadsheet  PostPosted: Dec 16, 2008 - 08:30 PM
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Global_Dog_Productions wrote:

I would recommend two artist fields not one for several reasons. One say you have a record by Nino Tempo and April Stevens it allows you to create an entry for each in case you want to pull up what they did. Likewise it allows you to list Paul Kane and have a field where it is listed as "Simon, Paul" or Artie Garr as "Garfunkel, Art" or Tom and Jerry as "Simon and Garfunkel".

I've got a spreadsheet organized in this manner as well. I'm a professional librarian, and this practice of two artist fields could be referred to as having an "authority name" for each individual entry.

The idea is that you have one main entry name (usually the most common name/form/spelling) linked to associated/alternate versions of the name. In the Library of Congress catalog, for example, "Twain, Mark" is a main entry with "Clemens, Samuel Langhorne" as an added entry, because he published in the United States more frequently as Mark Twain. This can apply to your spreadsheet, in that an entry could be first logged as "Ramones" with the following entry being "Dee Dee King," which was the name that Dee Dee Ramone used to release a rap album.

I don't believe in magic, I believe in numbers.
-Lou Reed, 'Magic and Loss"
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Dec 16, 2008 - 09:35 PM

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For records it gets even crazier than books. For examble if you have records by Stan Getz Trio, Stan Getz Quartet, Stan Getz Quintet and Stan Getz Sextet you end up with a mess if you don't have a field for artist name ie. Getz, Stan and nothing else. Likewise that field can allow you to enter information and later use it to cross reference. For example here is what I have out of my database which broke 275,000 entries today....

'Lasses and Honey see Lasses White or Honey Wilds
Ace, Johnny see Johnny Alexander
Adam, Mike and Tim also see Mike Sedgewick
Adamo see Salvatore Adamo
Adams, Joe also see Lawson James
Al and the Vibrators also see The Vibrators
Al, Rolando see Roland Alphonso
Alfie see Alfie Silas
Alfred the Grate see Peter Sellers
All Britain Festival of Male Voi... see Scottish Festivals of Male Voice Praise
Allan, Johnnie see John Allen Guillot
Allen and Hamilton see Vernon Allen or Milton Hamilton
Allen and Milton see Vernon Allen or Milton Hamilton
Allen, Annisteen see Ernestine Allen
Allen, Richard see Richard Allan (UK)
Allens, Arvee see Ritchie Valens
Alton and Eddy see Alton Ellis
Alton and Jimmy see Alton Lott or Jimmy Harrell
Alton and the Flames see Alton Ellis
Amams, Glen see Glen Adams
Amazors, The see The Amazers
Andwella's Dream see Andwella
Angela and the Fans see Alma Cogan
Angelo and the Initials see The Initials (1)
Angelo, Michael see John Barry
Angier see Guy Angier
Animals, The also see Eric Burton
Anne-Karin see Anne-Karin Meyer
Annette see Annette Funicello
Anthony and the Aqua Lads see Wayne Anthony
Anthony, Lamont see Lamont Dozier
Antony, Dave see Dave Anthony
Appell, Dave see Applejacks (1)
Arabians, The also see Edward Hamilton
Argyles, The see The Hollywood Argyles
Arizona Swamp Company see The Nashville Teens
Armstead, Joshie see Jo Armstead
Arnold, Billy Boy see William Arnold
Arnold, Vance and the Avengers see Joe Cocker
Art see Spooky Tooth
Arvon, Bobby see Robert Arvon
Ashley, Del see David Gates
Assob Avon is Bossa Nova backwards, novelty 45
Astley, Ted see Edwin Astley
Astor, Jimmy see Jimmy Castor
Aulton Mob, The see Pat Aulton
Avons, The also see Avon Sisters and Valerie Avon
Ayshea see Ayshea Brough
Bachman Turner Overdrive also see Brave Belt
Baker, George also see Hans Bouwens
Ball, Cannon and Johnny Melody see Carl Bryan or Johnny Moore
Bandwagon, The also see Johnny Johnson
Barnet(t), Eric see Theophilus Beckford
Baron Longfellow see Andy Kim
Barrelhouse Sammie see William Mc Tell
Barreto, Don see Don Marino Barreto
Barry and the Planets see Barry Greenwood (OZ)
Barry, Kay see Barbara Kay (UK Embassy)
Bataan see Joe Bataan
Batiste, Rose see Rose Battiste
Bay City Five see Luigi Martini & the Bay City 5
Bean, Young Billy see Billy Burnette
Beckford, Lyn see Keeling Beckford
Bee, Celi see Celia Bee
Beefeaters, The also see The Byrds
Beery, Dorothy see Dorothy Berry
Bell, Tommy see Thomas E. Bell
Berns, Bert also see Russell Byrd
Berry, Gordon also see Johnny Dixon
Bethea see Maskman and the Agents
Bibby see Horace Seaton
Big Amos see Amos Patton
Big Ben Hawaiian Band see Big Ben Banjo Band
Big Ben Trad Band see Big Ben Banjo Band
Big Bopper, The see Jape Richardson
Big Boy Pete see Pete Miller
Big Dave and his Orchestra see Dave Cavanaugh
Big Ed and his Combo see Eddie Burns
Big Lucky see Big Lucky Carter
Big Maceo see Maceo Merriweather
Big Moe see Boyd Bennett and his Rockets
Big Walter see Walter Morton
Bilbo see Bilbo Baggins
Billings, Bud also see Bud and Joe Billings
Billy and Eddie see Billie and Eddie
Billy and the Beaters see Billy Vera
Birdsong, Larry see Lawrence H. Birdsong
Black and Ward see Terry Black or Laurel Ward
Blair, Cowboy see Harlan Blair???
Blair, Sunny see Sullivan Jackson
Blake, Casey see Norma Shirlee Stoneman
Blake, Tommy see Thomas Levan Givens
Blakely, Dorothy and Jimmy see Jimmy Blakely
Blanch Family, The see Arthur Blanch
Blattner, Jules see Jules Merrill Blattner
Blessing, Michael see Michael Nesmith
Blind Blake see Arthur Blake
Blind Lemon Jefferson see Lemon Jefferson
Blind Sammie see William Mc Tell
Blind Willie see Blind Willie Mc Tell
Blind Willie Mc Tell see William Mc Tell
Blue Belle see Bessie Mae Smith
Blue Chips, The see The Bluechips for UK group
Blue Flames, The also see Georgie Fame (UK)
Blue Ridge Rangers, The see John Fogerty
Blue Sky Boys, The see Bill and Earl Bolick
Blues Birdhead see James Simons
Blues Masters, The see Baba Brooks
Bo Pete see Nilsson
Boatman, Tooter see William Mc Con Boatman Jr.
Bob and Lucille see Bob Regan or Lucille Starr
Bob and Marcia see Bob Andy or Marcia Griffiths
Bobby and Buddy see Buddy Barnes of Bobby Robinson
Bobby and Laurie see Laurie Allen or Bobby Bright
Bobby the Poet see Senator Bobby
Bocephus see Hank Williams Jr.
Bolan, Marc also see T. Rex
Bond and Brown see Graham Bond or Pete Brown
Bone, Oliver see Oliver Bond
Bonner, Juke Boy see Wildon H. Philip Bonner
Bonnie and Buddy see Bonnie Guitar
Bonnie and Skitto see The Maytals
Bonniwell's Music Machine see The Music Machine
Bono, Sonny see Sonny and Sonny and Cher
Booker, John Lee see John Lee Hooker
Borrot, Aston see Aston "Family Man" Barrett
Boswell, Eric see Lou Sparkes
Boyce, Danny see Dennis Boyce
Boyd, Eddie see Edward Riley Boyd
Boyd, Mickey see The String-A-Longs
Boz see Boz Burrell
Brandy Wine Singers, The see The Brandywine Singers
Bridge, The see The Brooklyn Bridge
Bright, Larry see Julian Ferebee Bright
British Casuals, The see The Casuals (3)
Brooks, Lonnie see Lee Baker Jr.
Brooks, The see The Brook Brothers
Brown's Home Brew see Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
Brown, Buster see Buster Brown (band name) in OZ
Brown, George Washington see Van Dyke Parks
Brown, Johnny "Scat" see Johnny Powers (OZ)
Brown, Nappy see Napoleon Brown Culp
Browne, Friday see Friday Brown
Brownie and Sonny see Brownie McGhee or Sonny Terry
Bruce and Terry see Bruce Johnston or Terry Melcher
Bruce, Ed see William Edwin Bruce Jr.
Bryan, Billy see Gene Pitney
Bryant, Matt see Brian Matthew (UK Embassy)
Buchanan, Roy see Leroy Buchanan
Buddy and the Juniors see Buddy Guy
Buggy, Brian see Brian Davies (OZ)
Bull Dog Breed see Bulldog Breed
Bumble Bee Slim see Howard Kozy
Bunn, Allen see Alden Bunn
Burnette Brothers, The see Dorsey and Johnny Burnette
Burnette, Hank C. see Sven-Åke Högberg
Burnside, R.L. see Robert Lee Burnside
Burrito Brothers, The see The Flying Burrito Brothers
Burton, Hal see Ross Mc Manus
Burton, Hal see Ross Mc Manus (UK Embassy)
Buster's Group also see Prince Buster
Butler, Jerry and the Impressions see The Impressions
Byrd, Russell also see Bert Berns
C.C.S. see Collective ConsciousnessSociety
C.U.B. see Continental Uptight Band
CCS see Collective Consciousness Society
Caesar and Cleo see Sonny and Cher
Cameron, G.C. was a member of the Spinners
Cameron, Jimmy and Vella see Jimmy and Vella
Campbell, Jo Ann also see Jo Ann and Troy
Camps, The see The Campers
Canadian Sweethearts see Lucille Starr or Bob Regan
Canadians, The see The Maple Leaf Four (UK Embassy)
Cannon King see Carl "King Cannon Ball" Bryan
Capri Sisters - Terry, Phyllis and Annetta
Captain Gleason's Garden Band see Jackie Gleason
Captain Lockheed see Robert Calvert
Carbo, Chick see Leonard Carbo
Carla and Rufus see Carla Thomas or Rufus Thomas
Carlo see Carlo Mastrangelo (Laurie)
Carol and Cheryl see The Carmel Sisters
Carr, Wally see Teddy Johnson
Carter, Bo see Bo Chatmon (?)
Carter, Herbie see Keble Drummond
Carter-Lewis see John Carter or Ken Lewis
Cash, George see George Cash (Dutch band)
Cason, Buzz also see Garry Miles
Cassidy, Hopalong see William Boyd
Catfish see Johnny "Catfish" Purser (OZ)
Cathode, Ray see George Martin
Cazna see Cazna Goodall
Cellophane see Selophane
Chames, Teddy see Teddy Charmes
Chance, Rob see Chances-R
Chandler, Deniece see Deniece Williams
Channells, The see The Channels (2)
Chapman, Graeme see Graham Chapman (OZ)
Charles, Bobby see Robert Charles Guidry
Charlie and the Melodians see Charlie Ace
Chavis, Boozoo see Wilson Chavis
Chesters, The see Little Anthony and the Imperials
Chicago Bill see Big Bill Broonzy
Chimes, The see Freddie Scott on the Arrow label
Chimes, The see The Flairs on the Flair label
Chipmunks, The and David Seville see Ross Bagdasarian
Chosen Few, The see Wigan's Chosen Few for non Reggae
Christian's Crusaders see Neil Christian
Christian, Hans see Jon Anderson
Christien, Derek also see The Christien Brothers
Christy, Don see Sonny
Chuck and Dobby see Chuck Josephs or Dobby Dobson
Chuckles, The also see The Three Chuckles
Clark, Dee see Delecta Clark
Clark, Jimmy "Soul" see Eugene Cheatham
Clarke, Lloyd also see Derrick and Lloyds
Clay, Joe see Claiborne Joseph Cheramie
Clearwater, Eddie see Edward Harrinton
Cledonaires, The see The Cleves (OZ)
Clevedonaires, The see The Cleves (OZ)
Cliff and Hank see Cliff Richard
Cliff and Hank see Cliff Richard or Hank Marvin
Clifford's Louisville Jug Band see Clifford Hayes
Clio see Nina Raye (OZ)
Cloud, Christopher see Tommy Boyce
Clowney, David see Dave "Baby" Cortez
Cochran, Eddie also see The Cochran Brothers
Cochran, Hank also see The Cochran Brothers
Cody, Commander see George Frayne
Coffee Bar Skifflers see Chas Mc Devitt Skiffle Group
Colder, Ben see Sheb Wooley
Cole, Ann see Cynthia Coleman
Cole, Cindy also see Jeannie and the Big Guys
Cole, Cozy see Coleman Hawkins
Coleman, King see Carlton Coleman
Collins Kids, The also see Larry Collins or Lorrie Collins
Colter, Jessi see Mirriam Eddy
Commander Cody see George Frayne
Conductor, The see Titus Turner
Connie and Clara see Connie Landers or Clara Wilson (?)
Conny see Conny Froboess
Cook, Little Joe see Chris Farlowe
Cooker, John Lee see John Lee Hooker
Cookie and his Cupcakes see Cookie
Cool Heat see Wind
Cooper, Bo see Ron Dante
Copas, Cowboy see Lloyd Copas
Corey, Jill see Norma Jean Sperenza
Corns, Arnold see David Bowie
Cosmo and Dennis see Cosmo or Denzil Dennis
Cosmo and Denzil see Cosmo or Denzil Dennis
Count Rockin' Sidney see Sidney Simien
Count Stephen see Steve Alaimo
Countdowns, The also see John Barry
Cousin Leroy see Cousin Leroy Rozier
Cozy Cole see Coleman Hawkins
Crane's Skiffle Group see Charles Mc Devitt (UK Embassy)
Crawford, Johnny also see The Crawford Brothers
Crestas, The also see The Cresters
Cresters, The also see The Crestas
Crockett, G.L. see George L. Crockett
Cromwell, Link see Lenny Kaye
Crooks, David see Dave Barker
Crum, Simon see Ferlin Husky
Cuddly Dudley see Dudley Heslop
Curless, Dick see Richard William Curless
Cyrus Erie see Eric Carmen
D, Kim see Kim Davis
D.B.M. & T. see Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich
Daddy Long Legs and the Spiders see Barry Crocker or Dave Clark (OZ)
Dakota Jim see Slim Smith
Dakota's Allstars see Prince Buster All Stars
Dale, Dick see Richard Anthony Mansour
Dallon, Mike see Miki Dallon
Damita Jo see Damita Jo Dublanc
Dandleers, The see The Danleers
Dandy and Barbara see Dandy
Dandy and Del see Dandy
Darnells, The see The Marvelettes
Darrell and the Oxfords see The Tokens
Darren, Jimmy see James Darren
Date with a Soul, A see Hale and the Hushabyes
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich see Dave Dee
David, Collin see Dave Collins
Davis, Andrea see Minnie Riperton
Davis, Skeeter see Mary Frances Penick
Day, Terry see Terry Melcher
De Paul, Lynsey see Lynsey Rubin
De Santo, Sugar Pie see Umpeylia Marsema Balinton
Dean and Jean see Brenda Lee "Jean" Jones or Welton "Dean" Young
Dean and Mark see Dean and Marc
Deangelis, Peter see Peter De Angelis
Dee Jays, The also see Johnny O'Keefe
Dee, Jackie see Jackie De Shannon
Dee, Jimmy and the Offbeats see James De Fore
Dee, Johnny see John D. Loudermilk
Del Phis, The see Martha and the Vandellas
Del Tones, The see The Beau Marks
Dell Vikings, The see The Del Vikings
Dell, Lenny see The Demensions
Dellon, Phyllis see Phyllis Dillon
Delrons, The see Reparata and the Delrons
Dene Four, The see The Dene Boys
Dene, Jason see Jason Deane
Dennis and Lizzy see Lizzy and Dennis
Dennis and the Explorers see The Explorers
Dennis, D.D. see Denzil Dennis
Denzil and Pat also see Denzil Dennis or Pat Rhoden
Derek see Johnny Cymbal
Derek and the Freshman see Derek Dean
Derrick and Jennifer also see Derrick Morgan
Derrick and Lloyds also see Derrick Morgan
Derrick and Lloyds also see Lloyd Clarke
Derrick and Naomi also see Derrick Morgan
Derrick and Naomi also see Naomi Campbell
Derrick and Patsy also see Derrick Morgan
Derrick and Patsy also see Patsy Todd
Derrick and Paulett also see Derrick Morgan
Derrick and Pauline also see Derrick Morgan
Des Allstars see Des Bryan
Detergents, The also see Ron Dante
Detroit Spinners, The see Spinners
Deuker, Big Pete see Big Pete Deuchar
Deutscher, Drafi also see Royal Brewery
Devaurs, The see De Vaurs
Deverons, The see Guess Who
Devon and Sedric see Devon Russell or Sedric Myton
Devon and the Tartans see Devon Russell or The Tartans
Devorzon, Barry also see Barry and the Tamerlanes
Dice the Boss see Pama Dice
Dick and Dee Dee see Dick and Deedee
Dick and Deedee also see Dick St. John
Dickens, The see NRBQ
Dickie Doo and the Don'ts see Richard A. Doo
Dickie G. and the Don'ts see Dickie Goodman
Dickinson, Jim see James Luther Dickinson
Diddley, Bo see Otha Ellas Bates
Ding Dongs, The see Bobby Darin
Dion and the Three Tops see Dion Cameron
Dixon, Billy and the Topics see The Four Seasons
Dixon, Howard see Rambling Duet
Dobro, Jimmy see Jame Burton
Dobson, Bobby see Dobby Dobson
Doctor Horse see Al Pittman
Dodd, Dick also see The Standells
Dolton, Billy see Glen Campbell
Don and Dewey see Don Bowman or Dewey Terry
Donn, Larry see Larry Donn Gillihan
Doreen and Jackie see Doreen Shaffer or Jackie Opel
Doreen and the All Stars see Doreen Campbell
Dorsey, Gerry see Engelbert Humperdinck
Dotty and Bonnie all see Bonnie Frankson
Dotty and Bonnie see Bonnie (Blue) Frankson
Doughnut Ring see Crocheted Doughnut Ring
Douglas, Scott see The Ventures
Douglas, Tom "Shy Guy" see Thomas Douglas
Douglas, Wayne see Doug Sahm
Dovells, The also see Len Barry
Dr. Feelgood and the Interns also see Piano Red
Dr. Hook see Doctor Hook
Dr. John see Mac Rebennack
Dr. West's Medicine Show & Jug Band also see Norman Greenbaum
Drafi see Drafi Deutscher
Dreamers, The also see Freddie and the Dreamers
Drifters, The also see The Shadows
Driftin' Slim see Elmon Mickle
Druick and Lorange see Dave Druick or Kirk L'Orange
Dudley and the Attractions see Dudley Williamson
Dudley, Dave see David Darwin Pedruska
Duffy's Nucleus see Duffy Power
Dukays, The also see Gene Chandler
Duke of Earl, The see Gene Chandler
Duke, Don see Dick Jordan (UK Embassy)
Dungaree Dolls, The see The Dungaree Darlings
Dunn, Blind Willie see Ed Lang
Dupree, Campion Jack see William Thomas Dupree
Dupree, Dave see Dave Burgess
Dupree, Jack see William Thomas Dupree
Duvall, Huelyn see Huelyn Wayne Duvall
Dylon, Phillis see Phyllis Dillon
Eathopians, The see The Ethiopians
Ebb Tides, The see Nino and the Ebb Tides
Eddie and the Evergreens see Sha Na Na
Edwards, Saundra see Saundra Mallett
Edwards, Wilfred see Jackie Edwards
El Rays, The see The Dells
Elki and Owen see Elkie Brooks or Owen Gray
Ellis see Steve Ellis
Ellis (UK progressive band) see Steve Ellis
Ellis, Gay see Annette Hanshaw
Ellis, Jimmy also see Orion
Elvin, Lee and Jerry see Jerry Lordan
Emma Rede also see Jackie Lee and Jacky
Enchanters, The also see Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters
English, Junior see Errol English
Ennis, Ray see The Swinging Blue Jeans
Enos and Sheila see Enos Mc Leod
Episode see Episode Six
Ermines, The see Cornel Gunter
Errol and U Roy see Errol Dunkley or U Roy
Errol and his Group see Errol Dunkley
Errol and the Champions see Errol English
Ervin, Dee see Big Dee Irwin
Esquerita see Eskew Reeder Jr.
Etta and Harvey see Etta James or Harvey Fuqua
Evans, Dottie also see The Evans Sisters
Ewan and Denver see Ewan Mc Dermott
Ewan and Jerry see Ewan Mc Dermott or Jerry Mc Carthy
Exceptions, The also see The Orchids
Fabulous Pack see Terry Knight
Fabulous Pack, The see Terry Knight and the Pack
Falling Pebbles, The see The Buckinghams
Famous Ward Singers, The see Clara Ward
Fantastic Johnny C see John Corley
Fatter, Eric see Eric Fratter
Fawkes Turner Sextet see Wally Fawkes or Bruce Turner
Fay, Brian see Brian Fahey
Fay, Francis see Frances Faye
Fentones, The see Shane Fenton
Ferguson, H Bomb see Robert Princeton Ferguson
Fernando, Don and the Chihuahuas see John Law (OZ)
Fields, Bobby see Bobby Marchan
Fifth Estate, The also see The D-Men
Firebirds, The see The Hawking Brothers for OZ
Fitzroy and Harry see Fitzroy Sterling
Five Smith Brothers, The see The Smith Brothers
Flames, The also see The Maytals
Flanagan and Allen also see Bud Flanagan
Flanagan, Bud also see Flanagan and Allen
Flip and the Dateliners see Vivienne Chering
Flosskin, Polly see Polly Flosskin
Flowers, Phil see Phillip John Flowers
Floyd and Jerry see Floyd and Jerry Westfall
Ford, Dean also see Marmalade
Ford, Hudson see Hudson-Ford
Forge, Val E. see Val E. Forge
Forrest, Earl see Earl Forest
Forresters, The see The Foresters
Four Aims, The see Four Tops
Four Buds, The see The Four Buddies (1)
Four Coquettes, The see The Four Cal-Quettes
Four Jets, The see The Shadows
Four Jones Boys, The see The Jones Boys
Four Just Men also see Just Four Men
Four Just Men see Just Four Men
Four Pennies, The see The Chiffons
Four Tops, The Levi Stubbs born Levi Stubbles
Fowler, Lem see Lemuel Fowler
Foxx, Inez also see Inez and Charlie Foxx
Franchito see Gordon Franks (UK Embassy)
Francis, Bobby see Winston Francis
Francis, King Joe see Joe Francis
Frank and the Barbarians see Frank Barber
Freddy also see Freddy Quinn
Friends see The Flower Pot Men
Froeba, Frankie see Frankie Froba
Frog, Wynder K. see Wynder K. Frog
Frogate, Raymond see Raymond Froggatt
Fulsom, Lowell see Lowell Fulson
G., Robe see Robert G. Porter
G.T.O.'s, The also see Joey and the Continentals
Gable, Guitar see Gabriel Perrodin
Gaddy, Doctor see Bob Gaddy
Gamble, Dee Dee Sharp see Dee Dee Sharp
Garr, Artie see Art Garfunkel
Garrity, Freddie see Freddie and the Dreamers
Gary and Clyde see Skip and Flip
Gary and Jan see Gary and Jan Lorraine (UK - Pye)
Gary and the Ariels see Garry Mills
Gauchos, The see Jim Doval and the Gauchos
Gayles, Billy see Willie James Gayles
Gaylords, The see The Gaylads
Gee, Ellie see Ellie Greenwich
Gene and Al's Spacemen see Mac Rebennack or James Booker
Gentiles, The see The Melodians
Gentry, Bobbie see Roberta Lee Streeter
George and Louis see Jerry Lee Lewis - Sun 301
Georgia Bill see Willie Mc Tell
Gerry and the Joy Band see Gerry Humphrys
Gift of Love see The Atlantics (OZ)
Gilbert see Gilbert O'Sullivan
Gilded Cage also see She Trinity
Gilmer, Jimmy also see The Fireballs
Giorgio see Giorgio Moroder
Giorgio and Marco's Men see Giorgio Moroder
Gladdy and Stranger see Gladdy Anderson or Stranger Cole
Gladdy and the Followers see Gladdy Anderson
Gleason, Captain see Jackie Gleason
Glen and Lloyd see Glen Brown or Lloyd Robinson
Glen, Lloyd see Glen Brown or Lloyd Robinson
Glenn, Glen see Glen Troutman
Glitter, Gary see Paul Gadd
Goldie see Genya Raven
Golliwogs, The see Creedence Clearwater Revival
Good and Plenty see Douglas Good or Ginny Plenty
Goodtimers, The see Don Covay
Google Eyes August see Joe "Mr. Google-Eyes" August"
Gordon, Junior see Issacher Gordon
Gove see Gove Scrivenor
Grace, Savage see Savage Grace
Grandisons, The see Grandison Singers
Grant, George and the Castelles see The Castelles
Gray Brothers, The also see Owen Gray
Gray, Rudy see Rudy Grayzell
Grazina see Grazina Frame
Great, Johnny B. see Johnny Goodison
Green, Rudy see Rudy Greene
Green, Violet see Clara Smith
Grinne, Joe see The Melodians
Gritte, Trew see Trew Gritte
Group B also see Blue Cheer
Guitar Crusher see Sidney Selby
Guitar Gable see Gabriel Perrodin
Guitar Junior see Lee Baker Jr.
Guitar Red see Paul "Guitar Red" Johnson
Guitar Slim see Eddie Jones
Gunston, Norman see Garry Mc Donald (OZ)
Guy see Guy Francois (Canada)
Hall, Delores see Dolores Hall (UK)
Hallman, Dick see Dick Kallman
Hamilton and Movement see Gary Hamilton
Hank and Dean see Hank Jones or Dean Kay
Hannibal see James T. Shaw
Happy Hitters of Birmingham Alabama see The Happy Hitters
Hardin-York see Eddie Hardin or Pete York
Hardly Worthit Players, The see Senator Bobby
Harlem Footwarmers, The see Duke Ellington
Harmonica Fats see Harvey Blackston
Harmonica Frank see Frank Floyd
Harmonica Tim see James Simons
Harmonicats, The also see Jerry Murad
Harmonizing Four, The also see The Charms (UK)
Harpo, Slim see James Moore
Harps, The see The Camelots
Harriott, Derak see Derrick Harriott
Harris, Ray see Homer Ray Davis
Harris, Sugarcane see Don Bowman
Harris, Tiny see Tiny Harris
Harry M and the Marvels see Harry Middlebrooks
Harry's Happy Four see Harry Cooper
Harshman, Robert Luke see Bobby Hart
Harvest, Barclay James see Barclay James Harvest
Harvey see Harvey Fuqua
Harvey and Ann see Harvey Fuqua or Ann Bogan
Harvey and the Moonglows see Harvey Fuqua or The Moonglows
Harvey, Phil see Phil Spector
Hatfield, Bobby also see The Righteous Brothers
Hawaiian Serenaders see Felix Mendelssohn
Hawk, The see Jerry Lee Lewis
Hawkins, Screamin' Jay see Jalacy Hawkins
Hawks, Mickey see David Michael Hawks
Heartbeats, The also see Shep and the Limelites
Henry, Bob see Robert Henry
Hep Stars, The also see Abba
Herman and the Hermits also see The Hermits
Hi Lites, The for records on Daran see Chi-Lites
Higgs and Wilson see Joe Higgs or Roy Wilson
High Numbers, The see The Who
Him see Doug Sahm
Hines, Justin see Justin Hinds
Hines, Winston see Winston Hinds
Hippie Boys, The see The Hippy Boys
Hokum, Susie Jane see Nancy Sinatra
Holder, Ram John also see Ram Holder Brothers or Ram Jam Band
Holiday, Brenda see Brenda Holloway
Holland-Dozier see Lamont Dozier or Eddie Holland
Holly see Lynn Holland
Hollywood Tornadoes, The see The Tornadoes (2)
Holmes, Leslie also see The Two Leslies
Homer and Jethro see Homer Haynes or Jethro Burns
Homesick James see James Williamson
Honor Society, The see The Happenings
Hooker, Earl see Earl Zebedee Hooker
Hoot and Curley see Hoot and Curly
Hopeless Homer see Harvey Chambers
Hopetown and Glenmore see Hopetown Lewis or Glenmore Brown
Hopkins, Wash see Wash Hopson
Hoppers, Hal see Hal Hoopers
Hortense and Alton see Hortense Ellis or Alton Ellis
Hortense and Delroy see Hortense Ellis or Delroy Wilson
Hortense and Jackie see Hortense Ellis or Jackie Opel
Horton, Jamie see Gayla Peevey (Joy Records)
Horton, Shakey see Walter "Shakey" Horton
Hot Shot Willie see William Mc Tell
Hot Toddys, The see Rockin' Rebels
Howdy Doody see Howdy Doody
Howlin' Wolf see Chester Burnette
Hubbard, Muvva "Guitar" see Jerry Reed
Hugo and Luigi see Hugo Peretti or Luigi Creator
Hugo and Luigi see Hugo Peretti or Luigi Creatore
Huhta, John J. see John Jerome Huhta
Hutto, J.B. see Joseph Benjamin Hutto
Ian and Sylvia also see Sylvia Tyson
Ian and the Zodiacs Ian Edward
Im and David see Cedric Brooks (Im)
Incrowd, The see The In Crowd
Ink Spots, The also see Bill Kenny
Inn Keepers, The see Dennis Alcapone
Innes, Louis see Louie Innis
Invaders, The also see Ray Columbus (NZ & OZ)
Ironing Board Sam see Sam Moore
Irons, Neville see Neville Hinds
Irresistibles, Les see The Beloved Ones
Italian Asphalt and Pavement Co. see The Duprees
Ivan see Jerry Ivan Allison
Ivan the Great see Ivan Hutchinson (OZ)
Iveys, The see Badfinger
J. and K. see J.J. Johnson or Kai Winding
J.B. and the Hawks see J.B. Hutto
J.B.'s, The see Fred Wesley
Ja-Ar see John Rowles
Ja-Ar see John Rowles (OZ)
Jack and the Beanstalks see Jack Bernard
Jack and the Boys see Jack Cameron
Jackie and Doreen see Doreen Shaffer or Jackie Opel
Jackie and Millie see Jackie Edwards or Millie Small
Jackie and the Raindrops see Jackie Lee
Jacks, Terry see Terrance Ross Jacks
Jackson 5, The see The Jacksons
Jackson Five, The see The Jacksons
Jackson, Bull Moose see Benjamin Clarence Jackson
Jackson, Cordell see Cordell Miller
Jackson, Frankie see Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon
Jackson, George and Dan Greer see George and Greer
Jackson, Jill also see Paul and Paula
Jackson, Lil Son see Lil' Son Jackson
Jacky see Jackie Lee
Jacobs, Matthew see Boogie Jake
James, Rockwell T. see Ronnie Peel
Jan and Arnie see Jan and Dean
Jan and Keld see Jan and Kjeld
Janie see Jeanne Black
Jarr, Cook E. see Cook E. Jarr
Jay see Jay Black
Jay see Jay Trainor
Jay 'N' Jay Jim Gillan and James Earl Smith Jr.
Jay and Joya see John Holt or Joya Landis
Jay and the Americans also see Jay Black
Jay and the Americans see Jay Trainor
Jay, Bobby see Robert James Mc Carty Jr.
Jay, Johnny also see John Jerome Huhta
Jazz Crusaders, The see The Crusaders
Jean et Steve see Jean Levesque or Steve Fiset
Jeanne and Janie see Jeanne Black
Jenkins, Bobo see John Pickens Jenkins
Jennifer see Jennifer Warnes
Jennors, The see The Tennors
Jenties, Bill see Bill Gentles
Jentles, Bill see Bill Gentles
Jig Saw Band see Jigsaw
Jill and Ray see Paul and Paula
Jim and Joe also see James Burton
Jim and Joe see James Burton or Joe Osborne
Jimenez, Jose see Bill Dana
Jimmy and Johnny see Jimmy Lee Fautheree of Country Johnny Mathis
Jimmy and Vella see Jimmy and Vella Cameron
Jivin' Gene see Gene Bourgeois
Jo Ann and Troy see Jo Ann Campbell or Troy Seals
Jo, Marcy see Marcy Joe
Joe see Joe Mansano
Joe and Eddie see Joe Gilbert or Eddie Brown
Joe the Boss see Joe Mansano
Joe's All Stars see Joe Mansano
Joe, Calypso see Calypso Joe
Joey and Danny see Danny Neaverth or Joey Reynolds
John and Ernest also see Dickie Goodman
John, Dr. see Mac Rebennack
John, Robert (1970s) see Bobby Pedrick Jr.
Johnnie and Jack see Johnny and Jack
Johnny and Jackey see Johnny Bristol or Jackey Beavers
Johnny and the Attractions see Johnny Osborne
Johnny and the Blue Beats see Johnny Stevens
Johnny and the Strangers see Johnny Young (OZ)
Johnny's Jazz see Johnny Hawksworth
Johns, Barry Barry Johns
Johnson, Kit also see Kit and Kay
Johnson, Lorenza also see The Johnson Sisters (UK)
Johnson, Miriam see Jessi Colter
Johnson, Mirriam see Jesse Colter
Johnston, Bruce and Terry Melcher see Bruce and Terry
Jon see Jon Blanchfield (OZ)
Jon (OZ) see Jon Blanchfield
Jon and Robin see Jon Abnor or Robin
Jones, Corky see Buck Owens
Jones, Davie see David Bowie
Jones, Davy also see David Bowie
Jones, Thumper see George Jones
Joye, Col see Colin Jacobsen
Julian see Julian Scott for pop or Judy Mowatt for reggae
Jumping Jewels, The also see The Jay Jays (name change 1965)
Junior see Junior Simpson
K-Doe, Ernie see Ernest Kador
K.J.S. see Ken Sparkes (OZ)
Kador, Ernest see Ernie K-Doe
Kane, Paul see Paul Simon
Kayli, Bob see Robert Gordy (brother of Berry Gordy)
Kayli, Bob see Robert Gordy, brother of Berry Gordy
Keith and Billie see Keith Powell or Billie Davis
Keith and Enid see Keith Stewart or Enid Cumberland
Keith and Tex see Keith Rowe or Tex Dixon
Kelley, Pat see Pat Kelly
Kemmer, Kay see Kay Tolliver
Kemmer, Kay Tolliver see Kay Tolliver
Kenny and Cash see Kenny Everett or Dave Cash
Kent and Dimple see Kent Brown or Dimple Hinds
Kent and Jeannie see Kent Brown
Kent, Sonia also see The Diamond Twins
Keyes, Ebony actually Kendrick Des Etages
Kid Thomas see Louis Thomas Watts
Kidd, Johnny see Frederick Albert Heath
Kim and the Kinetics see Kim Davis
Kimberly, Adrian see Don Everly
Kimbrough, Junior see David Kimbrough
Kincaid, Spinner see Dick Carr
King Cannon see Carl Bryan
King Horror also see Laurel Aitken
King Rocky see Rocky Ellis
King, Cannon Ball see Carl Bryan
King, Freddy see Freddie King
Kingsbury, Jimmy see The Dandy Players
Kingston Pete see Larry Marshall
Kinsmen, The also see The Four Kinsmen
Knight, Baker see Thomas Baker Knight Jr.
Koda, Cub see Michael Koda
Kokomo see Jimmy Wisner
Koppykats, The see Ian and The Zodiacs
Kristen, Brenda see Brenda Glover (OZ)
Kubas, The see The Koobas
LIttle Sonny see Aaron Willis
La Voie, Kent see Lobo
Laine, Linda also see The Sinners
Landis, Jerry see Paul Simon
Lane, Des see Desmond Lane
Lane, Lois also see The Caravelles
Lane, Mickey see Mickey Lee Schreiber
Lani and Boni see Delaney and Bonnie
Lanigan, Cynthia see Cynthia Lanagan
Larry and Alvin also see Larry Marshall
Larry and Johnny see Larry Williams or Johnny Watson
Larry's Rebels also see The Rebels
Larry's Rebels see Larry Morris
Lasses and Honey see Lasses White or Honey Wilds
Last, Johnny see Hugh Black
Laurel and Owen see Laurel Aitken or Owen Gray
Lavoie, Kent see Lobo
Lazy Lester see Leslie Johnson
Leadbelly see Huddie Ledbetter
Leblanc and Carr see Lenny Leblanc or Pete Carr
Lee see Lee Mareno
Lee, Harry see H.L. Hutchinson
Lee, Johnny see John Lee Hooker for DeLuxe
Lee, Little Mr. see Mr. Lee
Lee, Myron see Myron Robert Wachendorf
Lee, Wilma see Wilma Lee Cooper
Leeman, Mark also see The Cheynes
Legay also see Gypsy
Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The see Norman Carl Odam
Legends, The also see The First Impressions
Leon and Owen see Leon Silvera or Owen Gray
Lewis, Earl and the Channels see The Channels
Lewis, Smiley see Overton Lemon Lewis
Liges, Joe see Delroy Wilson
Lightfoot, George "Papa" see Alexander George Lightfoot
Lil and Rene see Lil Greenwood or Rene Robin
Liltin' Tiltons, The see Martha Tilton
Lincoln St. Exit see XIT
Lincoln, Peter see Peter Sarstedt
Little Anthony also see The Duponts
Little Beverley see Beverley Simmons
Little Coolbreezers, The see The Coolbreezers
Little Doug see Doug Sahm
Little Esther see Little Esther Phillips
Little Freddy see Freddy Mc Gregor
Little Iva see Raynoma Gordy, first wife of Berry Gordy
Little Johnnie see Little Johnnie Taylor
Little Junior's Blue Flames see Junior Parker
Little Lady Beatles, The see The Insects
Little Milton see Little Milton Campbell
Little Richard see Richard Penniman
Little Richard see Richard Perryman
Little Sonny see Aaron Willis
Little Walter see Marion Jacobs
Little Wilbur see Wilbur Whitfield
Little Wilbur and the Pleasers see Wilbur Whitfield
Little Willie see Wilbert Francis
Little Wonder see John Holt
Little, Tobe see Vernon Dalhart
Liverpool Spinners, The also see The Spinners (UK)
Livid, Ricky see Bill Oddie
Liza and the Jet Set also see Liza Strike or The Jet Set
Llan also see the Vogues
Lloyd and Devon see Lloyd Robinson or Devon Russell
Lloyd and Glen see Lloyd Robinson or Glen Brown
Lloyd and Johnny also see Lloyd Terrell
Lloyd and the Groovers see Lloyd Jackson
Lloyd, Jimmy also see Jimmy Logsdon
Loader, Russ also see Mark Wirtz
Locks, Blazer Boy see Jimmy "Blazer Boy" Lockes
Lomax Alliance see Jackie Lomax
London Jazz Four, The see The London Jazz Quartet
London, Peter see Peter Cook
Lonesome Sundown see Cornelius Green
Long John see John Laws (OZ)
Long, Joey see Joseph Earl Longoria
Longfellow, Baron see Andy Kim
Longhair, Professor see Henry Roeland Byrd
Lord Beginner see Egbert Moore
Lorenzo also see Laurel Aitken
Lori (OZ) see Lori Balmer
Los Bravos see Bravos, Los
Lot 39 see The Strangers
Lou, Thelma see Thelma Lou
Louis, Joe Hill see Lester Hill
Louisville Jug Band see Clifford Hayes
Love, Ronnie see Ronald Dunbar
Loyd, Ed see Ted Wallace (Ed Kirkeby)
Lucas see Bruce Lucas
Lucas with the Mike Cotton Sound see Bruce Lucas or Mike Cotton
Lucas, Buddy see Alonzo Lucas
Lucey, Chris see Bobby Jameson
Luke the Drifter see Hank Williams
Luke the Drifter, Jr. see Hank Williams, Jr.
Lulu see Barbara "Babs" Pegg
Lumpkin, Fatty see Fatty Lumpkin (band name)
Lurex, Larry see Freddie Mercury
Luvvers, The also see Lulu
Lynn, Barbara see Barbara Lynn Ozen
Lyon Street see The Associates
Lyon, Patti see Patti Lynn
M, Harry see Harry Middlebrooks
MFQ see Modern Folk Quintet
Mac see Harry Mc Clintock
Mac Arthur, Neil see Colin Blunstone (Zombies)
Maceo, Big see Maceo Merriweather
Mack, Lonnie see Lonnie Mc Intosh
Maddox, Rose also see The Maddox Brothers and Rose
Magic Sam see Sam Maghett
Magic Slim see Morris Holt
Majestics, The also see The Monitors (1)
Mama Cass see Cass Elliot
Man Cometh see Charlie Ace
Mancha, Steve see Clyde Wilson
Mandala also see Domenic Troiano
Manish Boys, The see David Bowie
Mann, Bobby see Bobby Bloom
Mann, Shadow see Shadow Morton
Manola, Pirko see Pirkko Mannola
Manone, Wingy see Joe "Wingy" Manone
Mansfield, Jayne see Vera Jayne Palmer
Maphis, Joe and Rose Lee also see Joe Maphis
Marais and Miranda see Joseph Marais
March, Little Peggy see Peggy March
Margo and the Marvettes see Margo Burns
Margo, Margo, Medress and Siegel see The Tokens
Marshall, Dottie Dottie Evans?
Martell, Bobby see Bob Marley
Martin see Martin Riley
Marvin and Farrar see Hank Marvin or John Farrar
Marvin, Joel see Gregory Isaacs
Marvin, Welch and Farrar see Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch or John Farrar
Maskman and the Agents see Harmon Bethea
Mason and Cass see Dave Mason or Cass Elliot
Mason, Bonnie Jo see Cher
Masterminds, The also see Badfinger
Masters, Johnny see Johnny Maestro
Mastro, Johnny see Johnny Maestro for Coed 45
Matchbox UK band also see Major Matchbox (OZ releases)
Mates Spoffle Group see Peter Sellers
Mathis Brothers, The see Dean and Mark; The Newbeats
Matthews Southern Comfort see Ian Matthews
Maurice and the Radiants see The Radiants
Max and Elaine also see Max Romeo
Max and Gregory also see Max Romeo
Maxie and Glen see Max Romeo or Glen Adams
Maximillian see Max Crook
Mc Clay, Yul and the Mondellos see The Mondellos
Mc Cracklin, Jimmy see James David Walker
Mc Donald, Country Joe see Country Joe and the Fish
Mc Guire Sisters, The also see Phyllis Mc Guire
Mc Guire, Phyllis also see The Mc Guire Sisters
Mc Kay, Scotty see Max K. Lipscomb
Mc Neely, Big Jay see Cecil James McNeely
Medley, Bill also see The Righteous Brothers
Melanchrino see George Melanchrino
Melanie see Melanie Safka
Melcher, Terry also see Bruce and Terry
Melodians, The also see Old Timer's Orchestra for RCA
Melody, Johnny see George Dekker
Melvin, Harold also see Blue Notes (1)
Memphis Slim see Peter Chapman
Mendelssohn Hawaiian Serenaders see Felix Mendelssohn
Merry Go Round, The also see Emmitt Rhodes
Merseybeats, The also see The Merseys
Meters, The also see Aaron Neville
Mezzrow-Ladnier Quintet see Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow or Tommy Ladnier
Michael and the Messengers see The Messengers (1) and (4)
Mickey and Kitty Mickey Baker and Kitty Noble
Mickey and Sylvia Mickey Baker and Sylvia (1)
Mickey and Sylvia see Sylvia Vanderpool or Mickey Baker
Middleton, Tony also see The Willows
Midnighters, The also see Hank Ballard
Midnighters, The also see The Royals (1)
Might, Dyna see Dyna Might
Mighty Hannibal see James T. Shaw
Mighty Marvelows, The see The Marvelows
Millie see Millie Small
Mimms, Garnet also see The Enchanters (2)
Mindbenders, The also see Wayne Fontana & Mindbender
Minto, Jackie see Jackie Mittoo
Mints, The see Ken Copeland
Mirettes, The also see The Ikettes
Miss X see Joyce Blair
Mister Murray see Mitch Murray
Mitchell, Shorty see Geoff Love
Mitchell, Shorty see Geoff Love (UK Embassy)
Model T. Slim see Elmon Mickle
Moles, The see Simon Dupree
Monday, Paul see Gary Glitter
Monitors, The also see The Majestics (1)
Monroe's Boys see Charlie Monroe
Monroe, Vince see Vincent Monroe
Montana Slim see Wilf Carter
Montgomery, Tammy see Tammi Terrell
Moonglows, The also see Harvey
Moore and Napier see Charlie Moore or Bill Napier
Moore, Sam also see Sam and Dave
Moreno, Sandrone also see Duo Moreno (?)
Morgan, Derrick also see Derrick and Lloyds
Morris Brothers, The see Wiley or Zeke Morris
Morrow, Liza is this Liza Morgan?
Mosby, Johnny and Jonie see Johnny and Jonie
Moses and Joshua see Moses and Joshua
Most Brothers, The see Mickie Most
Mother Maybelle see Maybelle Carter
Mothers of Invention, The see Frank Zappa
Motown Spinners, The see Spinners
Muddy Waters see McKinley Morgansfield
Munro, Hal see Neville Taylor (UK Embassy)
Natschinski, Thomas also see Team 4
Naturals, The see The Four Naturals
Ned and Nelda see Frank Zappa
Neil Mac Arthur see Colin Blunstone
Nelson, Sandy also see The Gamblers
New Hope see The Kit Kats
New Kingston Trio, The see The Kingston Trio
New Marketts, The see The Marketts
New Silhouettes, The see The Silhouettes
Newbeats, The also see Dean and Marc
Newman, Thunderclap see Thunderclap Newman
Newton, Wayne also see The Newton Brothers
Nino and the Ebb Tides also see The Ebb Tides
Noble, Patsy Ann also see Trisha Noble
Noble, Trisha also see Patsy Ann Noble
Noble, Trisha see Patsy Ann Noble
Nolan, Larry see Larry Nolen
Nolen, Lloyd see Lloyd Nolan
Norton, Shakey see Walter Norton
O'Hara's Playboys see John O'Hara
O'Sullivan, Gilbert see Raymond Edward O'Sullivan
O'Toole, Knuckles see Billy Rowland
OMD see Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
Oboe see Oboe Mc Clinton
Odd Couple, The see Jack Lemmon or Walter Matthau
Oklahoma Wranglers, The also see The Willis Brothers
Ola see Ola Hakansson
Oliver see William Oliver Swofford
One Plus One see Don Bryant or Miriam Bittinum
Onivas, D. see Domenico Savino
Original Barnstormers Spasm Band see The Barnstormers Spasm Band
Original Cadillacs, The see The Cadillacs
Original Group for Smash see The Monarchs
Original Hoosier Hot Shots see Hoosier Hot Shots
Original Surfaris, The see The Surfaris (2)
Orion also see Jimmy Ellis
Orquesta Broadway see Broadway Orchestra
Oscar and the Majestics see Oscar Hamond
Other Tikis, The see The Tikis
Page, Hal see Hal Paige (J&S Records)
Page, Hot Lips see Oran "Hot Lips" Page
Pagliaro see Michel Pagliaro
Pam and Ade see Pam Bradley or Adrian Ussher
Papa Freddie see Papa Freddie Spruell
Paramours, The see The Righteous Brothers
Parker, Junior see Herman Parker Jr.
Parsons, Bill see Bobby Bare
Patti and Mickey see Patti Jerome or Mickey Denton
Pattie see Little Pattie for OZ
Pedrick Jr., Bobby also see Robert John
Peek, Paul see Paul Edward Peek Jr.
Pennsylvania Players, The see Dickie Goodman
Penny see Penny Calvert in UK
People also see Larry Norman
Peps, The see The Fabulous Peps
Perfect, Christine see Christine Mc Vie
Perkins, Anthony see Tony Perkins
Pete and Billy see Pete Gogle or Billy Guy
Peter and Gordon also see Gordon Waller
Peter and Mary see Peter Lind Hayes or Mary Healy
Peter's Faces see Peter Nelson in UK
Petersen, Paul see Paul Peterson
Pichon, Fats see Fats Pechon
Pigeon, Lieutenant see Lieutenant Pigeon
Pilita see Pilita Corrales
Pine, Hal "Lone" see Lone Pine and his Mountaineers
Pips, The see Gladys Knight
Pirates, The also see The Temptations
Playboys, The see John Fred and his Playboy Band
Polka Dot Slim see Vincent Monroe
Pourcel, Frank see Franck Pourcel
Powell, Keith also see Keith and Billie
Powers, Jett see P.J. Proby
Pratt All Stars see Phil Pratt
Preston, Terry see Ferlin Husky
Pretty Boy see Don Covay
Primettes, The see The Supreme (1)
Professor Longhair see Henry Roeland Byrd
Quails, The see Bill Robinson and the Quails
Quebec, Madlyn see Madeline Quebec
Quebec, Mam'Zelle see Paulette De Courval
Questions, The also see Doug Parkinson
Rabon, Michael see Michael Rabon & Five Americans
Raeburn, Tommy see Tommy Rayburn (OZ)
Raiders, The see Paul Revere
Ram Holder Brothers, The also see Ram John Holder or Ram Jam Band
Ram Jam Band also see Ram John Holder or Ram Holder Brothers
Rambler see John Mc Evoy
Rambling Duet see Frank Gerald or ???
Rambling Duet, The see Howard Dixon or Frank Gerald
Ramistella, Johnny see Johnny Rivers
Rare Breed, The later known as The Ohio Express
Rare Earth also see The Sunliners
Ravel, Chris and the Ravers see Chris Andrews
Raven, Paul see Gary Glitter
Raven, Simon also see Buddy Britten (same person)
Ravenairs, The see The Rivieras (3)
Raydio see Ray Parker Jr.
Raymond Froggatt, The also see Monopoly
Razzy see Razzy Bailey
Rebb, Johnny see John Dellbridge
Rebels, The see The Rockin' Rebels
Rebennack, Mac see Dr. John
Redcoats, The also see Steve Alaimo
Redding, Otis also see Otis and Carla
Redding, Otis also see The Shooters
Rednow, Eivets see Stevie Wonder
Reeves, Martha see Martha and The Vandellas
Relf, Keith also see The Yardbirds
Resonets, The see Geoff Doyle (OZ)
Rich, Tony see Tony Sheveton
Richard, Cliff also see The Shadows
Richardson, J.P. see The Big Bopper
Richardson, Jape see The Big Bopper
Rick and Thel see Rick and Thel Carey
Rinky-Dinks, The see Bobby Darin
Rio, Bobby also see Bobby Cristo
Rita see Rita Alston
River City Street Band see River City
Rivieras, The R&B vocal group from northern NJ
Rivieras, The surf-garage rock band from Indiana
Rob E.G. see Robie Porter
Robert and Joel see Robert Bertrand or Jo-El Sonnier
Roberts, Snitcher see Harry Johnson
Roberts, Wayne see Neil Bogart
Robinson, Smokey also see The Miracles (1)
Rock Jerry see Kaj Järnström
Rockin' Sidney see Sidney Simien
Rodgers, Millie see Millicent Rodgers
Roemans, The Tommy Roe's backing group
Rogers, Mark and the Marksmen see Mark Wirtz
Rollers, The see The Bay City Rollers
Roman, Lyn see Linda Grinder
Roman, Lyn see Linda Griner
Romero, Chan see Robert Lee Romero
Ron and Bill see Ronnie White or Bill "Smokey" Robinson
Ronnie and the Daytonas also see John Buck Wilton (Ronnie)
Ronnie and the Del-Aires see The Del-Aires
Ronnie and the Manhattans see The Manhattans (U)
Ronnie and the Rajahs see Ronnie Wallis (OZ)
Ronno see Mick Ronson
Roomates, The also see Cathy Jean & the Roomates
Ross, David see Ross Mc Manus
Ross, David see Ross Mc Manus (UK Embassy)
Ross, Doctor see Charles Isaiah Ross
Ruben and the Jets see Frank Zappa
Ruffin, Riff see Nehemiah “Riff” Ruffin
Rufus and Carla see Carla Thomas or Rufus Thomas
Rufus and Friend see Carla Thomas or Rufus Thomas
Rumpo, Rambling Syd see Kenneth Williams
Russell, Lee see Leon Russell
Rusty and Doug see Rusty and Doug Kershaw
Ruth, Babe see Babe Ruth
Sabicas and Escudero see Sabicas or Mario Escudero
Sacco see Lou Christie
Sacha and Venus see Sacha Distel
Sahm, Doug also see Sir Douglas Quintet
Sam and Dave also see Sam Moore
Sam and the Quin Tikis see The Quin-Tikis
Sammes, Mike see Michael Sammes
Samudio, Sam see Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
Sandals, The see The Sandells (OZ)
Sandells, The see The Sandals
Sanders, Curly see Ray Sanders
Sands, Jonne see Jonne Sandstrom in OZ
Sandy and Dick also see Dick St. John
Sang, Samantha see Cheryl Gray
Sang, Samantha see Cheryl Gray (OZ artist)
Sarony, Leslie also see The Two Leslies
Scherrie see Scherrie Payne
Scott Richard Case see SRC
Scott, Richard Case see SRC
Screaming J see Jalacy Hawkins
Seekers, The also see Judith Durham
Sensations, The also see Yvonne Baker
Seville, David see Ross Bagdasarian
Sh Booms, The see The Chords
Shannon see Marty Wilde
Sheppard, Buddy and the Holidays see The Belmonts
Sheridan, Bobby see Charlie Rich
Sheridan, Tony & the Beat Brothers see The Beatles
Shields, Billy see Tony Orlando
Shindigs, The see Bobby Fuller Four
Shirley and Lee are Shirley Goodman and Leonard Lee
Shirley and Lee see Shirley Goodman or Leonard Lee
Silvester Ballroom Orchestra see Victor Silvester
Simmons, Gene see Morris E. Simmons
Simmons, Jumpin' Gene see Morris E. Simmons
Simmons, Little Mack see Malcolm Simmons
Simpson, Big Daddy see Melvin Simpson
Singh, Cool Dip see Kuldip Singh
Singing Nun, The see Jeanine Deckers
Sir Chauncey see Ernie Freeman
Sir Lord Comic see Lord Comic
Skyliners, The also see Jimmy Beaumont
Slim Harpo see James Moore
Slim and Slam see Slim Gaillard or Bam Brown
Slim, Memphis see Peter Chapman
Sllednats, The see The Standells
Sloppy Henry see Waymon Henry
Sly see Sly Stewart
Sly and the Family Stone also see Sly Stewart
Smiley Lewis see Overton Lemon Lewis
Smith also see Gayle Mc Cormack
Smith, Arlene also see The Chantels
Smith, D. see Dennis Alcapone
Smith, Ocie see O.C. Smith
Smokey see Smokie
Smyth, Des see Des Smith (UK Pye)
Snow Men, The also see The Sunrays
Snow, Hank see Robert Burns
Sommers, Ronny see Sonny
Soundelles, The also see Roland Storm and The Statesmen
Souther, J.D. see John David Souther
Spades, The on Liberty Records see The Slades
Spectres, The also see Status Quo
Spectres, The see Status Quo (UK)
Speedo and the Impalas see The Impalas
Spoons, Fred see Peter Sellers
Stafford, Jo see Jo Elizabeth Stafford
Stairsteps, The see The Five Stairsteps
Stanley Brothers, The also see Ralph Stanley (?)
Stannard, Steve see Stan Stennett
Stannard, Steve see Stan Stennett (UK Embassy)
Stardust, Alvin see Shane Fenton
Starlets, The later recorded as The Angels (1)
Starr, Edwin see Charles Hatcher
Staymer Band see Hans Staymer
Sterling Trio, The see Henry Burr, Albert Campbell or John Meyer
Stevens, Geraldine see Dodie Stevens
Stewart, Danny see Sly Stewart
Stocking Tops, The also see Sue and Sunshine
Stone, Sly see Sly Stewart
Strange, Billy see William E. Strange
Strawberry Children see Jimmy Webb
Street Singer, The see Arthur Tracy
Stuart, Chad and Jeremy Clyde see Chad and Jeremy
Stuart, Jeb see Charles Jones
Studs, The see The Silver Studs (OZ)
Stump, Cindella G. see Jo Stafford
Stump, Cinderella G. see Jo Elizabeth Stafford
Suddens, The see The Safaris
Sue and Sunshine also see The Stocking Tops
Sundown Jesse, Rev. see R.W. Mc Bride
Sunglows, The see Sunny and the Sunliners
Sunny and the Sunglows see Sunny and the Sunliners
Surf Stompers, The see Bruce Johnston
Surrat and Smith see Cecil Surrat or Smitty Smith
Susan (From Sesame Street) see Loretta Long
Sutch, Screaming Lord see David Sutch
Suzanne see Suzanne Lynch in OZ
Swanee see John Swan (OZ)
Swift, Basil also see Danny Hutton
Swisher, Debra also see The Pixies Three
Sylvia also see Mickey and Sylvia
Sylvia see Sylvia Vrethammar (1970's)
Syreeta see Rita Wright
T.V. Slim see Oscar Wills
TRB see Tom Robinson (Band) (UK)
Tan, Roy see Roy Tann
Tarheel Slim see Alden Bunn
Tartan Horde, The see Nick Lowe
Tate, Laurie see Laura Tate
Taylor, Hound Dog see Theodore Roosevelt Taylor
Taylor, Sam Jr. see Samuel W. Taylor Jr.
Taylor, True see Paul Simon
Taylor, Vince see Brian Maurice Holden
Teen Kings, The see Roy Orbison
Teenagers, The also see Frankie Lymon
Teenchords, The see Lewis Lymon and the Teenchords
Tempo Toppers, The see The Deuces of Rhythm...
Tender Slim see Joe Richardson
Terrell, Lloyd also see Lloyd and Johnny
Tharp, Chuck also see The Fireballs
The Pack see Terry Knight
The Sounds of Les and Mitch see Les Reed or Mitch Murray
Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The also see The Spades (3)
Thomas Muscle Shoal Devils see Hociel Thomas
Thomas, Kid see Louis Thomas Watts
Thornton, Big Mama see Willie Mae Thornton
Thumpin' Pig and Puffin' Billy see Warren Morgan or Billy Thorpe
Tibbs, Kenny see Kenny Thibodeaux
Tom and Jerry also see Simon and Garfunkel
Tom and Jerry see Tom Tomlison or Jerry Kennedy
Tony and Louise also see Tony Washington
Tony and the Technics see The Technics
Topics, The also see The Four Seasons
Touch, Peter see Peter Tosh
Tousan, Al see Allen Toussaint
Traffic Jam, The see Status Quo
Traits, The also see Roy Head
Trash see White Trash
Travelers, The also see The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
Treetops, The see the Three Tops
Trevor also see Trevor Shield
Trevor also see Trevor Spry
Tucker, Little Tommy see Little Tommy
Tull, Jethro see Jethro Tull
Turner, Ike see Izear Luster Turner
Tutti's Trumpets see Camarata
Twin-Tones, The see The Twins
Twinkle see Lynn Ripley
Twinkle see Twinkle Ripley (UK)
Two Leslies, The see Leslie Sarony or Leslie Holmes
Two Tons see Two Tons O'Fun
Tyler, Frankie see Frankie Valli
Tyrannosaurus Rex see T. Rex
Uncle Mac (UK) see Derek McCulloch
Underground Sunshine also see The Challengers (4)
United States Double Quartet see The Tokens or Kirby Stone Quartet
Van Doren, Mamie see Joan Lucille Olander
Vashti see Vashti Bunyan
Vells, The see Martha and The Vandellas
Vic, Paul and Bruce see The Canadian Beadles
Vickery, Mack see Willard Mack Vickery
Vigrass see Paul Vigrass
Vikings, The also see The Maytals
Village Voices, The see The Four Seasons
Virtue, Frank see The Virtues
Virtuoso, Frank see The Virtues
Vogues, The also see The Val-Aires
Voiceroys, The see The Viceroys (R)
Wagner, Dick and the Frosts see The Frost
Wailing Wailers, The see Bob Marley and the Wailers
Walker, Junior see Jr. Walker
Walker, T Bone see Aaron Walker
Waller, Fats see Thomas "Fats" Waller
Waller, Gordon also see Peter and Gordon
Walt Disney Orchestra see Camarata
Ward Singers, The see Clara Ward
Warlock, Ozzie also see Tony Osbourne
Warner, Virgil see Lee Hazlewood
Warner, Virgil see Lee Hazlewood ????
Warren, Baby Boy see Robert Warren
Washington Baby see Justine Washington
Washington, Geno also see Gino Washington (US spell)
Washington, Gino also see Geno Washington (UK spell)
Washington, Tony also see Tony and Louise
Waters, Muddy see Mc Kinley Morgansfield
Wayne, Redd see Mike Redway (UK Embassy)
Weatherby, Alfie see Alfy Weatherbee
Weaver and Beasley see Sylvester Weaver or Walter Beasley
Webster, Katie see Kathryn Jewel Thorne
Wells, Corey and the Enemys see The Enemys
Wes Minster Five see Westminter Five
West Coast Consortium also see Consortium
West, Mae see Mary Jane West
Westminster Five also see Wilson Maynell
Wha Koo see Big Wha-Koo
Whiskey, Nancy see Anne Wilson
Whistling Willie see Neville Willoughby
Whittaker, Rog see Roger Whittaker
Whittenmore and Lowe see Arthur Whittenmore or Jack Lowe
Who Orchestra, The see Graham Bond Organisation
Wilfred and Millicent also see Jackie Edwards or Millie
Wilkins, Ernie see Ernie Wilkens
Willet, Dorothy Mae see Dorothy Mae Willett
Williams, Ronny see Ranny Williams
Willows, The also see Tony Middleton
Wilma Lee see Wilma Lee Cooper
Wilson, Dennis also see The Beach Boys (1)
Wilson, Lala see Alexander Jackson and Turnkeys
Wilson, Maynell see Wilson Maynell
Wingate's Love-In Strings see The Flaming Ember
Wings see Paul Mc Cartney
Winston and Bibbie see Bibbie Seaton
Winston and Bibbie see Winston Richards
Winston and Cecil see Winston Francis or Cecil Locke
Winston and Fay see Winston and Errol
Winston and Pat see Winston Groovy or Pat Rhoden
Winston and Rupert also see The Eternals
Winston's Fumbs see Jimmy Winston
Wonder Who?, The see The Four Seasons
Woods, Pearl see Lily Pearl Woodard
Wray, Link see Frederick Lincoln Wray
Wright Group, The see Richard Wright (OZ)
Wright of Way, The see Peter Wright (OZ)
Wright, O.V. see Overton Vertis Wright
Wylie, Popcorn see Richard Wylie
Wyman, Jane see Sarah Jane Mayfield
Y?4 see Why Four (OZ)
Yost, Dennis see Classics IV
Young Jessie see Obediah Donnell Jessie
Young Rascals, The see The Rascals
Zodiacs, The also see Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs

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Level 2

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Hey, have you guys ever been to ? It has a database that can be user-modified and has all the catalogue info already there. I love it Cool
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Dec 18, 2008 - 10:42 PM

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yoyoyo wrote:
Hey, have you guys ever been to ? It has a database that can be user-modified and has all the catalogue info already there. I love it Cool

Rate your music is a boiler template that can't handle most discographies. I find it more garbage as if the date is wrong records go out of order. Likewise it is just a bad joke when you deal with labels like Festival in Australia that had at least a 100 label names sharing a single numbering system. Likewise for the unified numbering system EMI used in Europe and most of the world starting in 1969 it is all garbage. Jugoton in Yugoslavia is also garbage. Beyond those you still end up with singles, EPs and LPs all intermixed so it seems to be just alot of garbage (oops I've said it again).

And it hardly has all the "catalogue info already there" you could run a herd of elephants thru the gaps they have. Lack of prefixes on some records and bad spelling only adds to the chaos.

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Just a suggestion... :/
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Dec 19, 2008 - 12:46 PM

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yoyoyo wrote:
Just a suggestion... :/

Just jumping in to say:

Welcome to the RCG, yoyoyo!
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Level 5

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digvinyl wrote:
I only collect LP's, but I do the following:

Catalog #
Comments (include mono or stereo, rare versions, posters and other inserts)
NM book value
Country of origin if not US

I wish I had kept track of condition. I first put my collection in Excel when it was probably around 1,000. I'm creeping up on 5,000 now and I can't imagine finding time to go through every one of them to grade.

I do the same except for the book value. I have 1800+ and I couldn't imagine trying to grade them either Rolling Eyes Maybe when I retire Smile

You have just destroyed one model XQJ-37 nuclear powered pansexual roto-plooker....and you're gonna have to pay for it. - Zappa
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ZootAllures wrote:
digvinyl wrote:
I only collect LP's, but I do the following:

Catalog #
Comments (include mono or stereo, rare versions, posters and other inserts)
NM book value
Country of origin if not US

I wish I had kept track of condition. I first put my collection in Excel when it was probably around 1,000. I'm creeping up on 5,000 now and I can't imagine finding time to go through every one of them to grade.

I do the same except for the book value. I have 1800+ and I couldn't imagine trying to grade them either Rolling Eyes Maybe when I retire Smile

It's not that tough. Play grade every time you spin a record. If you listen to 10 LPs a day, you're done in six months.
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CactusCowboy wrote:
yoyoyo wrote:
Just a suggestion... :/

Just jumping in to say:

Welcome to the RCG, yoyoyo!

thanks, this seems like a cool place
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