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Post subject: Steppenwolf, The Doors  PostPosted: Nov 18, 2009 - 06:25 AM

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I'm going to be a heretic and talk about two CDs I picked up this week at the local musty-dusty.
One, a 2-disc Steppenwolf retrospective called, of course, "Born to be Wild" on MCA, has been like seeing a long-lost friend. I used to play a ton of Steppenwolf in my bedroom as a teen. But for whatever reason -- probably classic-rock-radio burnout on "Born to be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride" -- I hadn't pulled out a Steppenwolf album in years. Then I picked up this CD and had a wonderful reunion with a great band. "Sookie, Sookie," "Hey Lawdy Mama," "Don't Step On The Grass, Sam," "Monster". Man! I'd forgotten how melodic this band could be, and how sonic -- those guitars just leap out of the speakers. John Kay had a great, unique, rock voice. 34 songs in all and I can't stop smiling.

The only thing competing with the Steppenwolf CD is a copy of The Doors "Live in Detroit" CD I picked up the same day.
The Doors was one of those bands that I burned out on a long time ago -- again, probably classic-rock -radio's fault, but also, at some point around, say, 1985, it seemed every kid with a bong under his bed starting raving about the Doors. It's all I heard . . . like, yeah, kid -- I know. The band just stopped doing it for me.
But this "Live in Detroit" CD -- again, wow. Morrison sounds great, instead of drunken and rambling. And Robbie Krieger's guitar -- man, I never knew. The guy rips through this show. And, of course, the Professor Ray and Densmore provide a great canvas.
This double CD sounds great sonically, and captures a phenomenal 1970 set that leans heavily on the blues, capped by a fantastic 17:35 version of "The End".
Like I say -- I had, for all intents and purposes, stopped listening to . . . stopped liking the Doors. This CD changed my mind. Wish I could have been there.
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Nov 18, 2009 - 08:38 AM

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I've had many moments like these with artists that I thought I would never want to hear again. The sad thing about classic rock radio is that it seems to only focus on maybe a half dozen tracks (if that) from a particular artist and then beats them to death--nothing like FM radio in the 70's when I first started listening. I gave up on it a long time ago. Good to see you getting reacquainted with some old favorites. It can be like chatting with an old friend you haven't spoken to in years--sometimes that magic is still there and you can pick up right where you left off.

That series of live Doors cd's is pretty incredible. I have the Boston & Pittsburgh discs. My oldest sister was fortunate enough to have seen The Doors and still refers to it as the best concert she ever saw.

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