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Post subject: MC hammer put a hit out on 3rd bass  PostPosted: Aug 10, 2011 - 02:25 PM
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Grandslam magazine: so from having that outlook on things, did you ever come face to face with either hammer or vanilla ice?
serch: the closest i came to hammer was when he put the hit out on us.

gs: that really did happen then?

serch: oh yeah, that really happened. "really happened" is like the biggest understatement, it was beyond really happened. that **** is like as real as breathing air! ok, here's the whole we diss hammer, and hammer wasn't really pissed about "gas face," he was really pissed about "cactus," when pete said "the cactus turned hammer's mother out." he took it as a straight diss to his mom, and we weren't dissing his mom. we were putting a play on words with "turn this mother out" and the cactus turned this mother out--we turned him out, we're just hotter. ok, he took it as a diss to his mom. so we get on a plane at that time, and we're on our way to LA, and i'm with my then girl, now wife, chantelle, and pete's with his girl roxanne, and daddy rich is with his girl, and we're just like "oh my god, we're going to cali, this is amazing." so we're on the plane, and i got this whole story obviously from later in life, but this is how it went down...louis burrell--hammer's brother--calls rush and talks to carmen ashhurst watson, who was the president of def jam at the time. and he says to her "is 3rd bass really coming to LA?" and carmen says "yeah" and louis says "good THEY'RE DEAD!" and hung up the they basically had to figure out who was involved in what, and where, and how.

gs: and you're on the plane oblivious to all of this?

serch: yep. so they basically got five hours to clear this up before we land. they put a $60,000 hit out with one of the biggest gangs in LA, for any member who got to us, and could prove it--a huge amount of money. they contact mike conception, who at the time was doing that record "we're all in the same gang", and hammer had gotten mike's help. so russell simmons manages to get a hold of mike and says "listen, this can't go down, how do we stop this?" and he says "it's too late now, we can't stop it" and russell is like "no, no, i'll do anything." so, mike finally says "listen, i want to go to the american music awards, and i want to sit next to michael jackson, and then we won't kill them, we'll just break their legs, but you'll still be able to film them on tv from the waist up." this was his reasoning! russell says "no, you can't shoot them at all," and finally that's the deal that they made. so russell calls donnie inner and tommy motola and he explains the situation, and if you check the seating plan for the american music awards from 1990....michael jackson next to mike conception. we get off the plane and we're like "this is cali!" we're amped, and the second we get off the plane, the guy that wound up being our security for four years--uncle mel--grabs us and is like "get in the van!!!!" and is pushing us together with about 5 other bodyguards. now we're thinking that we're the beatles, we're like "yo, they must be stopping fans from ripping our clothes off, we're out of control!" when we get in the van, we're noticing strange things, like the windows are plexi glass, there's no way to open the doors, there's no handles. we're thinking that we're HUGE! we get in the van and we're told that we have a whole floor booked at the hyatt and that we can't have any guests, and we're like "whoa!"...we still don't get it.

we get to the hotel, and as we get to the the hotel i'm confronted by rakim, and im like "oh my god, rakim word up" and he's like "yo dogs, why'd you diss me?" and im like "WHAT?" and he says "you dissed me in your record "steppin to the a.m." and im like "what are you talking about?" and he said "you knew that we were suing MCA and you said the line "you just a sucker seeking a settlement..." and i said "no dog, the line is "you're just a stunt...seeking a settlement" i was talking about hoes. dog, i would never diss you, you're my favorite emcee of all time!" all of a sudden, this car comes by, and these bangers start coming out of it, throwing up gang signs, and uncle mel grabs me and im like "don't drag me away from my fans" and he's like "what, are you stupid?" and then for the first time he explained the hit out on us. you know what? the whole LA thing...i didn't get it. i didn't realize how deep it was, and i didn't get it. im like "this is nonsense." then, all of a sudden, this skinny dude comes in there, jheri curl dripping, and skinny as a rail, scarred up, just pure tats and scars, and uncle mel goes "are you pookie?" and asks for i.d. and believe me, at this point, guns are drawn on this kid. he shows i.d. that he's pookie, and it's cool. me and pete are like "yo, what's the deal?" mel tells me that this kid is going to be our liaison and he's going to stay with us. pookie was a high lieutenant in one of these gangs, like second in command, and he had to roll with us the WHOLE time we were in LA.

im now thinking that this is b.s., and just say that i want to go to the mall to take my girl shopping. mel says no, but pookie is cool as long as he's with us. i go in the van for my first time to the beverly center, and im walking around like im the king of LA. im still saying that the whole thing is just some b.s. and pookie is like "oh, it's b.s.? ok, do me a favor, and go stand over there and take that elevator, you go and meet some fans then" i'm like **** it, alright. so i go, and there's a couple of girls like "oh my god, it's mc serch." but then, all of a sudden, im looking left and right, and im seeing all these dudes, and im like "oh ok, dudes are coming over too, it's all good" next thing i know, they all got bandanas pulled over their faces, and then they start to pull out right there in the mall. then i hear this whistle, loud as hell, and i see pookie, and he's throwing up crazy signs and shouting "IT'S ALL GOOD, IT'S OVER" then the bandanas come off and the guns put down, and these same guys start talking like "yo, we really like your records homes. word up" but literally shook white, and only then did it hit me that it was real. it was really REALLY real. so this definitely put a dampener on our trip to cali!

gs: did you make up with rakim?

serch: yeah, i made up with rakim, and we're still cool to this day. but the next day, we went to k-day, which was a 24 hour hip hop station in LA, so it was like mecca, it was hot. greg mack "the mack attack" was the morning show, and it was THE morning show in LA. so we come and do the show. greg mack does about 2 minutes of an interview and then all of a sudden, he goes "hey, we've got a surprise guest on the hammer live from the a.m.a.'s. you won five awards last night, thank you for being on the show" and me and pete are like "yo!" i mean we have so much to say to this dude, so much. so hammer starts going on this whole tirade saying it's one thing to diss, but another thing to diss a man's mother. and we were saying that we didn't diss his mother, and i was trying to be real deep, and i'll never forget what i said: it was "yo man, if you think that we dissed anyone in your matrionical background, i apologize." i don't know why i said it like that, i was trying to be like real high falutin. and he was like "well, that's fine to say now, but it's on record and will be for the rest of our lives" so i was like "well dog, you know what you did though, let's just keep it in perspective."

gs: and how did hammer respond to that?

serch: he straight hung up the phone. and greg mack thinks he's got us locked, and he gets on and says "well, let's see what you guys think, 3rd bass or hammer?"--first call comes in--"yo, i love mc hammer and 3rd bass is wack"--second call comes in"yo, i love 3rd bass, hammer's a cornball"--third call--"yo, hammer is wack. it's good that they dissed him." about 10 minutes later, greg mack couldn't even find somebody to say a good word about hammer. nobody. greg mack is like "well hey thanks for coming" and im like "**** you" and just walk out.
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