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Post subject: "ABANDONED I "  PostPosted: Mar 12, 2014 - 08:59 AM

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Fellow Guild-members, collectors, researchers, and just the plain curious...
I have just enough time left to enter this one:

............................................................................" Almost All Of Them Abandoned Him " ( for sure ).................................................................................

This entry contains some information NEVER before seen in print ( nor the bloody web ) and ALL of the information is VALID and TRUE from in-person sources ( noted ) and has remained on a ( Cassette-and Open-Reel ) Tape-Formats as well as now in the new book ( April-2014 )

May I remind any of those interested, the following, as written, are EXCERPTS ONLY from complete chapters and pages on related subjects:

" The Way We Were " { over 300 pages of interviews with Record-Men, and Women }
" The Devil Made Me Do It " { over 40 pages of what could be termed as " Regrets " }
" Counting The Costs " { 12 pages of " What Might Have Been..... Prison.... Deaths.... or Worse! " }

Long Island, New York
( Ex-JUBILEE Records, etc - also as fully- explained in the publication )

" As far as I'm concerned, he ( Alan Freed ) got his comeuppance when he came back to the city ( New York ) and started looking for , shall we say, hand-outs "
" Young guys like you, you don't know about al ( of ) these intrigues "
" Don't get me wrong, I loved Alan ( Freed ) he did a lot for JUBILEE, and never once asked me for money to play anything, but when he first got here ( New York ) it was so easy to get to get access, then, his personality changed, I don't know, that much success can change people, so when the time came to call in the favors, hardly anybody answered his calls "

" It's okay now, but Wex ( Gerald " Jerry " Wexler ) over at ATLANTIC used to tell me you had to be in ' Freed's pocket ' to get anything on his show ( radio ) so when I had The Orioles, I gave him ( Freed ) a check for ten or eleven thousand dollars, and he tore it up "

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
( Ex- HERALD-EMBER Records /Record Pressing / ( Jack ) Angel Music Publishing, etc - also as fully-explained in the publication )

" It's sometimes really too much, I still read about Moshe ( Morris Levy ) I should start a scrap-book on those " ( articles )
" I can laugh at it all now, I'm clear, I'm absolved, I can sleep at night, I'm good "

" When the I.R.S. started to come down on me, I'd already moved over to 1697 ( Broadway ) they thought it was for protection, Moshe had gotten away with appearing before any ( Payola ) committee, but I'd made that decision long before that, but we all KNEW that Moshe had something on THEM, and he used it! "

" You want a real friend ? ".... " Moshe is who you'd need, just ask guys like Hy Weiss "
" They wanted him ( Weiss ) to account for every penny that 500 records ( 45s ) would cost to get " played "
" He had to, like fifteen cents per, and with labels, shipping, five dollars for Old Town for every 500 ( records ) sold, it was pretty close to the truth, but they didn't believe him one bit! "

" They were really after only two, Georgie Goldner and Hymie Weiss "
" It didn't matter at all, we can't get Levy, so we'll get the easier targets, they couldn't keep books "

" It really hurt him ( Levy ) when Georgie Goldner went " ( died: 1970 )
" There are several people that will tell you, the most tears ever shed by Moshe , were on that day, he cried and went home "

" I admit, I cried too, but I didn't go home, I was still busy with the same thing I was doing a decade earlier "

" Other than Moshe, Georgie ( Goldner ) was the only one that tried to help Alan " ( Freed )
" Alan called on him, and Georgie was the only one that answered "

" Georgie got him to do some photos over on Broadway, then they went and put-together some albums out for END "

" It was Moshe that PAID for Alan Freed to move down to Miami, he gave him cash, he gave him a nice place ( Free ) for three months, he's the ONLY guy that tried to help Alan Freed "

" It was Moshe that helped to pay for his funeral, and if you want to know why Frankie ( Lymon ) was put in a pauper's grave, it's quite simple "

" Moshe understood drunks, that must have been from his up-bringing, but he HATED what drugs, hard drugs, could do to everybody else "

" Something I can say, because I was there, he gave Frankie ( Lymon ) a $ 300 advance to get back on track and become an exclusive artist for ROULETTE "
" Frankie said ok, and then disappeared for two or three days, missed the session date- and all, then came back into the office and says ' sorry, I had a cold '

" He ( Moshe ) told me he KNEW that he should not have done that, because ' the kid would have spent the money, and then come back for more again '

" Say what they want about Morris Levy, but if you ever needed a friend, he's the best friend you could ever wish for "
" If he's become your enemy, then God help you " ....

( Frankie Lymon ) " He was a junkie, pure and simple, and he waned to blame Moshe or Georgie for his ills, when he did die, he was washed-up anyway "

" He ( Levy ) helped pay for all of those suits at the funeral for Alan Freed, the flowers, a lot of it, and that also means some expensive airline tickets "

" Money also came in from Randy Wood, some for Lance who was sixteen and didn't even own a suit to wear to the funeral "

( Lance Freed )
A&M Records ( lot )
1358 North La Brea
Hollywood, California

Thank You.


The best part of the the night...
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Post subject: RE: "ABANDONED I "  PostPosted: Mar 13, 2014 - 02:38 PM

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Cool stuff!!!!

"If you're hair's red, the roots ain't dead...don't cut it, CONK it!!"
Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris
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Post subject: "ABANDONED I "  PostPosted: Mar 17, 2014 - 12:27 AM

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Thanks Davey...

There's a bit more on the way, including EXCERPTS from an interview with Lance Freed.

In addition, there will be some additional quotes from record-men Al Silver, Jerry Blaine, and Morton ' Morty ' Craft, Dickey Kline, once head of promotion for Atlantic Records, as well as the dead-end phone call to Hymie Weiss.

So here we go....


The best part of the the night...
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