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Guild Products
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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Except for personal use, no code or information are to be copied or transmitted from either the "Record Store Locator" (U.S. and International), message board text or images, or any of the "Music Quiz" pages without expressed written permission from the Record Collectors Guild.


As a resource in the area of record collecting, we would be pleased and honored to make available, any information contained within the website of the Record Collectors Guild.

In exchange for the use of this material, we ask that you kindly observe the following terms and conditions.

Any original material found at the website of the Record Collectors Guild, may be copied or transmitted for personal use or for incorporation into any website or publication.

For websites or publications displaying or transmitting said material, credit and a link back to the Record Collectors Guild home page is required. The credit and link back must be affixed to the page containing the information obtained from the Record Collectors Guild. Situated in plain view and unobstructed.

At no time will a website utilize the "bandwidth" or data transfer of the Record Collectors Guild in order to display material or images within their own site.

Websites or publications not in compliance with the above terms and conditions, will be requested to remove said information or code from their media immediately.

The Record Collectors Guild, reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without notice.

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Material courtesy of the Record Collectors Guild
Courtesy of
the Record Collectors Guild

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1998-present the Record Collectors Guild - Original material may be copied
with permission or credit and link back applied (the Terms and Conditions must be adhered to).