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About Our Webring

Starting in 1998, the Record Collectors Guild set out to establish a source of websites, that deal exclusively in records and record related materials.
After signing with the original Webring.com, we began to accept applications and soon established the Record Collectors Webring.
Today, the Record Collectors Webring is made up of over 100 websites featuring record collectors and dealers from around the world.

Click here to join.

Procedures for Joining

If your are the webmaster or the owner of a website that deals in records or record related materials, and would like to join the world's finest record collecting webring, read the "Conditions" below, then click here.

After filling out the required information, you will be e-mailed some HTML code to be installed at you website. This code will contain the necessary webring logo and links (standard nav-bar only).

This is an example of the "Standard" webring navigational bar (logo and links).

the Record Collectors Webring
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This is an example of the "Optional" webring navigational bar (logo and links).
the Record Collectors Webring Logo
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There are several conditions for joining this webring.

  • The site which is submitted must be "record" or "record related".
  • The webring logo and links must be placed on the same page that is linked to the webring.
  • The webring navigational code (links), should appear in plain view on the linked page and not hidden or obstructed from view of the visitors traveling on the webring.
  • This webring is intented for use by the "General Audience". Absolutely no pornography in the form of "pop-up" ads will be allowed.
  • The smooth navigation of this webring by our viewers is essential. Devices which can trap a viewer within a specific website will not be tolerated. Nor will the practice of misdirecting or misinforming the viewer of his/her place within the ring.

These conditions are set forth in an effort to be fair to the viewing public and to every member of the Record Collectors Webring.

An inspection of this webring is performed on a regular basis by the Record Collectors Guild.

Helpful Links

Sign Up....The starting point for joining this webring.
Webring Hub....Contains all the websites within this ring.
E-mail....Contact us with questions or problems.


1998-present the Record Collectors Guild - Original material may be copied
with permission or credit and link back applied (the Terms and Conditions must be adhered to).