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J&R.com #2

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Below is a list of turntables available from JR.com.

If you are in the market for a new turntable, you may want to consider this fine retailer with competitive pricing.

Remember...any time you purchase an item from one of these fine dealers. You are supporting the Record Collectors Guild and our effort to bring you the best record collecting resource on the internet. Thank you!

Note: Although every attempt is made to keep prices on this site current. It is always best to refer to the above retailer's site for the final cost. The Record Collectors Guild will not be held liable for price deviations either up or down. Due to a high turnover rate, some items listed may be "out of stock" for a brief period of time.

TECHNICS SL-1210MK5G Pro DJ Turntable - Black
Mfr. Part # SL-1210MK5G
J&R Item # TEC SL1210M5G

MSRP: $599.95
Our Price: $534.99
In Stock: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

Product Description

30th anniversary edition of a pro audio classic / At home in any nightclub, and in your home audio system.
Universally acknowledged. Built-to-last. Industry standard. Coin-of-the-realm. All of these phrases apply to this quintessential pro DJ tool. The SL-1210MK5G 30th anniversary edition follows on from the classic SL-1200MK2 with new features that include: blue LEDs, wider Pitch adjustment ( 8% and 16%), pitch Switch button (2 levels), pitch reset button, recessed on/off switch, detachable lid and headshell stand on the cabinet.
  • Quartz Direct Drive accuracy, with continuous pitch adjustment up to 18%
  • Very high torque motor for quick start-ups (only 0.07 seconds stop to speed)
  • Custom brake speed control
  • Non "click" pitch fader
  • LED pop-up work light
  • Built-in anti-skate adjustment up to 6g
  • Arm-end scale for quick Weight setting
  • Molded aluminum diecast cabinet and heavy rubber base material help absorb unwanted vibrations from the dance floor
  • Includes Professional Technics slipmat
  • Highly sensitive low-mass tone arm with gimbaled suspension
  • Includes removable hinge-free dust cover
  • Cartridge required -- not included

THORENS TD170 - Belt Drive Turntable
Mfr. Part # TD170
J&R Item # THN TD170

Our Price: $299.88
In Stock: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

Product Description

Make your old records new again with this manual turntable for your home audio system.
Now traditional Audio enthusiasts can play their old records with this high-quality Turntable from Sony.
  • Full manual operation
  • Pitch control
  • Full-sized aluminum platter
  • Servo speed control
  • S-shaped, Static balance tonearm
  • 33 1/3 & 45 RPM speeds supported
  • Belt drive system
  • Supplied moving magnet phono cartridge
  • Bonded diamond stylus
  • Includes a dust cover to protect your turntable

THORENS TD185 Vinyl Record Turntable Component
Mfr. Part # TD185
J&R Item # THN TD185

Our Price: $329.99
In Stock: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

Product Description

Belt Drive / 33 - 45 - 78 RPM Selectable Speeds / Regulated DC Motor.
Thorens TD-185 Stereo Turntable -
  • Your vinyl records deserve the finest turntable for precise play
  • Belt Driven Manual Turntable
  • 3 Speed selectability for 33.33, 45, 78 RPM records
  • Dual Volt 100-240 Volts 50/60 Hz AC
  • Includes Ortofon cartridge with stylus for 33 and 45 RPM play

CD Turntables
NUMARK CDX Premium Direct Drive CD Turntable
Mfr. Part # cdx
J&R Item # NUM CDX

MSRP: $799.99
Clearance Price: $569.99
In Stock: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

Product Description

Combination 12" Vinyl Platter and CD Mixer / Seamless Looping With Beat-Matching / Multiple Scratch Modes For Tricks and Effects.
The CDX Premium Direct Drive CD Turntable combines the essential experience of mixing with vinyl and the precision and accuracy of CD mixing. It's a turntable that combines a high-torque 12" inch platter with a built-in CD mixer. Scratch, loop and ad beat-synched Digital effects - It's all within your reach. The new Smart Looping feature makes perfect loops each time, with help from the new Beatkeeper -- align and quantize the loop as you spin, then double or half it by pushing a button. This is as close to working with arecord as you'll get when using CDs.
  • Ultra-high torque(5.0 kgf/cm) direct drive motor
  • Integrated DSP effects include sonar, slide, echo, filter, chop, auto-pan, and auto-dissemination
  • Multiple scratch modes for tricks and effects
  • Seamless loop with smart loop, live trim, and beat shifting
  • Dual "battle-style" turntable platter controls
  • 6, 12, 25 and 100% Pitch control
  • Key Lock any tempo up to 100%
  • Adjustable start and brake speeds
  • 3,000 cue point memory
  • Forward/reverse toggle with bleep
  • 2 hot stutter starts
  • Anti-Shock Buffer technology
  • S/PDIF digital output
  • Fader/remote start and relay play
  • Dedicated wheel for effects and search control
  • Bright VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) shows BPM, time, and unit status
  • MIDI I/O for synchronization with drum machines and other MIDI devices

TECHNICS SLDZ1200 Digital CD Turntable
Mfr. Part # SLDZ1200
J&R Item # TEC SLDZ1200

Our Price: $799.99
In Stock: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

Product Description

Real time scratch play with CD media, rather than vinyl / Sampler - Looping with Memory / Plays from optional SD cards.
TECHNICS SLDZ1200 -- The long awaited DJ CD Player is here, and it's even better than we dared hope! This elegantly designed single Disc player is equally at home at the next RAVE or in your living room!
  • Direct drive platter
  • Strobe
  • Pitch lock
  • Free wheel
  • Dynamic FX
  • Tempo
  • Sample pads
  • Real time scratch play
  • Play and scratch with MP3s
  • Play from SD cards
  • Sampler
  • Looping
  • Memory for loop and sampler
  • Brake with Analog feel

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