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Magazines from Amazon.com

If you are in the market for record collecting, audio or other music related magazines, you may want to consider these fine retailers.

Remember...any time you purchase an item from one of these fine dealers. You are supporting the Record Collectors Guild and our effort to bring you the best record collecting resource on the internet. Thank you!

Note: Although every attempt is made to keep prices on this site current. It is always best to refer to the above retailer's site for the final cost. The Record Collectors Guild will not be held liable for price deviations either up or down.

Below is a magazine available from Amazon.com.

Record Collector Magazine
More info
Product Details: ASIN: B00007G2UR
Format: Magazine
Pub. Date: Monthly
Publisher: Diamond Publishing Ltd

Price: $173.75 ($13.37/issue)
& this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details
Issues: 13 issues / 12 months

From the Publisher
Record Collector is a comprehensive guide to rare and collectable U.K. releases.
It publishes complete discographies with current market values for every record and
covers a wide selection of music, including '50s rock & roll, '60s beat music,
progressive rock, glam, and punk.

To visit the website of Record Collectors Magazine, click here.
Magazines from Barnes & Noble


Goldmine is the worlds largest marketplace for collectible records, CDs, and music memorabilia covering rock n roll, blues, country, folk, and jazz. It features extensive For Sale and Wanted ads plus articles of interest to the serious collector.

Rolling Stone

The premier rock and roll magazine, Rolling Stone brings you the latest news in popular culture, music, celebrities, politics and much more. Every issue is packed with cutting edge reviews of your favorite music, in-depth interviews with personalities you want to know about, provocative photos of the people and places you want to see, today's hottest styles that will look great on you and much, much more! With an unabashed eye, Rolling Stone takes you backstage and shows you what's hot, who's up-and-coming and the latest and greatest of everything to hit the music scene. Hear the hottest new bands. See who's about to make it and who's already yesterday's news. Know which concerts you must go to -- and which ones to skip. Rock your world with Rolling Stone!

Alternative Press Magazine

Alternative Press Magazine magazine covers youth culture and the world of new music, including alternative, indie, ska, electronic, dub, industrial, punk, techno, underground, rock, ambient and more. Each monthly issue contains interviews with indie bands and established acts, reviews of new releases, celebrity profiles, fashion spreads, cutting-edge film reviews, and information about new technologies.

Making Music

Making Music is a bimonthly magazine for adult amateur and recreational musicians. Our readers make music simply because they enjoy it - it helps them to relieve stress, connect with their loved ones, and express themselves creatively. Many have played all their lives, while others have only discovered music recently. We publish articles on music theory, practicing and performing techniques, and the heatlh and wellness benefits of playing a musical instrument. Our stories feature real people who find ways to fit music making into their lives, and is intended for musicians of all playing abilities.


Stereophile is oldest and largest circulation magazine reviewing high end components. Read about the advances and improvements in the audio market around the world.

Making Music

Hi-Fi News is for people who are passionate about great sound, delivering all the latest news, analysis and opinions on new technologies, products and formats from hi-fi to home entertainment. Hi-Fi News is packed with market leading photography, top contributors and trusted product tests all reflecting the passion and knowledge real sound enthusiasts aspire to have.


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