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The Record Collectors Guilds Operating Fund

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  The RCG Daily Operation Fund
Hello all,

The Record Collectors Guild is a organization of record collectors from around the world. We charge no fees for entry and receive very, very little in the form of income (entirely due to affiliateships with a few online outlets). Our major expenses come from hosting fees and domain name registration.

Recently, due to the large amount of traffic generated by the Record Collectors Guild, we have been forced to switch to a larger and faster server that would serve our needs. This has created a rather sizable expense for the Guild.

Due to this, we are now accepting donations for our day to day operating expenses. We have taken this course out of necessity. Without operating funds, we will be forced to cease all operations.

Unfortunately, we have yet to achieve tax-exempt and charitable status. We would like to acquire this status at a later date (any "Pro bono publico" lawyers out there?) so all contributions can be deducted from your taxes.

Never the less, all contributions are very appreciated and will be recognized at a later date.
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