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Music Trivia Games

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Music Trivia Games

Rock & Roll Triviologies by Aleken Games

Rock & Roll Triviologies

Larger view
Product Details: ISBN: 0641729359
Format: Other
Pub. Date: June 2006
Publisher: Aleken Games

B&N Price: $29.95
Usually ships within 24 hours

From the Publisher

Explore the different decades of Rock and Pop music, the artists and their relationships, different music venues and a vast treasure of music trivia.

Play the game and show your rock and roll iq!

You can play Rock and Roll Triviologies™ with 2 or more players, individually or in teams.

Assemble a five-piece band by landing on and answering questions from the decade or music category spaces.

Riff DVD Trivia Game by University Games, Hard Rock

Riff DVD Trivia Game

Larger view
Product Details: ISBN: 1575282623
Format: Other
Pub. Date: September 2005
Publisher: University Games

B&N Price: $34.95
Usually ships within 24 hours

From the Publisher

RIFF is the music game that will rock your memories. We'll challenge your recall on groups, music videos, songs, lyrics, album covers, and more. From Grunge to Rap, Pop to Heavy Metal, Classic Rock to Alternative, we've got it all!

Two teams compete through a series of puzzles, videos, and challenges to see who really is ready to face the music.

  •  All Game Play and
  •  Game Scoring on DVD/Television Screen
  •  Over 6 Hours of Game Play - More Content Than any Other DVD Game
  •  A Fun, Social Interactive Party Game
  •  Added DVD Feature Visit Hard Rock Café Vault
  •  Bonus Color Poster of Hard Rock Memorabilia
  •  2 Teams of Players
  •  Ages 12 and Up

Customer Reviews

Unknown reviewer, 11/10/2005  
Really fun
We just got this game and it was fun to play. Our friends really like it to. Would recommend to any music fan.

Scene It? Music Edition by by Screenlife (Manufactured by)

Scene It? Music Edition

Larger view
Product Details: ISBN: 1933318120
Format: Other
Pub. Date: March 2006
Publisher: Screenlife

A new copy is not available
from Barnes & Noble.com at this time.

Usually ships within 24 hours

From the Publisher

Want to rock and roll all night and party everyday? Then pick up the Music Edition of Scene It? where your favorite music moments take center stage. "What was the first video ever played on MTV?" "By what name is Gordon Mathew Sumner better known?" Real video clips and music, trivia questions and on-screen challenges are guaranteed to rock your world every time you play.

Game Includes:
  •  1 DVD
  •  Flextime Game Board
  •  4 Collectible Metal Tokens
  •  160 Trivia Cards
  •  30 Buzz Cards
  •  4 Category Reference Cards
  •  1 Six-Sided Numbered Die
  •  1 Eight-Sided Category Die
  •  Set of Game Rules

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