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Music Ripping & Editing Software

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Below you will find a list of CD and Vinyl ripping and editing programs. Most of these programs are shareware or charge a fee for an upgraded version. The Record Collectors Guild does not specifically endorse any of the software listed here, but merely offers this information as a convienence to our viewers.
If you know of a program that should be listed here, please e-mail the URL to the Record Collector's Guild. Please accept our thanks for your suggestions.

A reciprocal link is not mandatory but graciously accepted.

  • Audio Cleaning Lab.....Transform your records, old music cassettes, favourite CD tracks or MP3 files with this program. This product cleans up your music and gives your own music CDs perfect sound. It will also transfer your records onto your computer and allows you to and burn your own CDs. A demo version is available for download.
  • Analogue Ripper.....Music ripper for the Macintosh Computer. The Analogue Ripper, or TAR for short, lets you record sounds from any analogue source onto your Macintosh Computer.You can record from cassettes, vinyl, 8 Track, reel to reel even VHS, in fact - anything that you have playback equipment for.
  • Audio CD Ripper Pro v.1.6....Audio CD Ripper Pro is here ready to offer its unlimited media conversion services. Audio CD Ripper Pro is intended for extracting music tracks from audio CDs and converting them to popular sound file formats such as MP3, WAV and OGG (Ogg Vorbis).
    Audio CD Ripper Pro is capable of automatic retrieving of disk information (e.g. Artist, Album, Genre and track names) from FreeDB, a music information database on the Internet. Extraction of track fragments with user-defined start and end positions is another amazing feature of this unique software. Audio CD Ripper Pro can handle ID3v1/ID3v2 tags information as well as create M3U playlists.
    Audio CD Ripper Pro versatility will allow you to directly record multiple tracks, read track information from cdplayer.ini file and use multiple CD drives as data sources. Compilation discs are fully supported as well as direct Audio CD playing right from the program.
  • AudioEdit Deluxe.....AudioEdit Deluxe is a visual audio editor and converter software solution. With AudioEdit Deluxe you can perform two-way conversions among CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG; open, create, and save audio files in any of the supported formats; display audio data waveform; play audio files or any portion of the files; record audio data from a microphone or any other available input device; edit audio files visually; apply various effects; apply different filters to any selected portion of audio files; and performs various other functions. A trial version will allow you to evaluate the software free for 15 days.
  • Audiograbber.....Music ripper for Windows. There are two different versions of Audiograbber: The free version is available at no cost, and can copy only half the tracks without restarting the program. The registered version has no such restrictions.
  • Blaze Media Pro....Blaze Media Pro is powerful music software, providing the capability of a music converter, music editor, music burner, music ripper, and music player all in one software application. The software offers many advanced, yet easy to use, features for converting between MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and more music formats. Sample audio conversions include MP3 to WAV, WAV to MP3, WMA to MP3, MP3 to WMA, OGG to MP3, MP3 to OGG, and many more! Blaze Media Pro features an audio editor that can easy edit music files in virtually any format and bitrate, save to different bitrates, etc. The audio editor also supports recording music from any available source, such as streaming music online, cassettes or LPs via line-in, etc. Music recordings can, of course, be saved into any supported format in seconds. The software's Burn Audio CD feature allows for quick and easy burning of music files to CD-R or CD-RW media in record time.
  • CoffeeCup MP3 Rip & Burn 4.0....CoffeeCup MP3 Ripper & Burner is the perfect software for ripping, converting or burning your favorite music. It allows you to save your CD's to all kinds of music formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV, VQF and then play them back on almost any device.
    Rip & Burn can be used for creating MP3's from your CD's and also converting other music formats to MP3 (like wav to mp3) or back and forth. It has a built-in Ripper, Audio Converter, CD burner, CD Labeler, and Song and Artist detection too. When you are done just listen to them on your computer, at home, your car or any portable MP3 player like an iPod, Nomad, or Rio.
    It has everything you need to make music the way you want too. Fast and Easy.
  • Cool Edit 2000...If your Windows computer has a sound card or sound module (as almost all do), Cool Edit 2000 can turn it into a recording studio with all of the features used by professional audio engineers. You can use it to record your own music, voice or other audio, edit it, mix it with other audio or musical parts, add effects like Reverb, Chorus, and Echo to it, equalize it, and master it so that you can burn it to a CD, post it on the World Wide Web, or email it.
    There is a noise reduction plug-in for this program(see below).
    There is also a cost associated with both programs.
  • Dart CD-Recorder 4.1...Capture music from tape, records, Mini Disc or rip tracks from CD's. Includes sound card controls. Powerful sound quality tools, and CD Burner software.
    There is a cost associated with this program with a 30-Day Trial period.
  • dBpowerAMP Music Converter...For converting audio files from one format to another. Has the ability to rip music straight from Audio CDs!, or LPs with a optional install (dBpowerAMP Music Converter R6 B).
    This is a "Free" program.
  • Easy CD-DA Extractor.....copies audio CDs, converts music files from one format to another, and burns audio CDs, MP3 CDs, WMA CDs, and regular Data CDs.
    Supports all popular audio file formats such as 3G2, 3GP, MP1, MP2, MP3, Windows Media Audio, Ogg Vorbis, MP4, M4A, AAC, aacPlus (HE-AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+PS, eAAC+), FLAC, Musepack, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Monkey's Audio, CUE and M3U.
  • Exact Audio Copy...This is a new audio grabber for CD-ROM drives. The main differences towards most other audio grabbers is the low registration costs (just a postcard and a stamp).
    It works with a new technology, reading audio CDs almost perfectly. If there are any errors that can't be corrected, it will tell you on which time position the (possible) distortion occurred, so you could easily control it with e.g. the media player. This is a "Free" program.
  • ... FlexiMusic Audio Editor and Composer....FlexiMusic turns your home PC into a complete music studio for digital musicians to generate, compose, edit, compress, play and DJ. You will find FlexiMusic products to be fun, easy to use and economical. No matter what your experience level is, Ours is one of the best music software to start editing and creating music on your PC. FlexMusic has five programs that can be downloaded "free" for seven full days of actual use, not merely consecutive calendar days.
  • FreeRIP....FreeRip is a freeware application that lets you save audio CD tracks to Wav or MP3 or Ogg Vorbis audio files. FreeRIP is also an audio file converter since it can convert and encode from WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wav files to Ogg Vorbis, MP3 or Wav.
    FreeRIP is a CD ripper, this means that it can record digital audio tracks directly from audio CD to files on your hard drive (this process is known as "ripping"). You can save tracks as CD quality WAV files or encode them to Ogg Vorbis or MP3 compressed audio format.
  • GoldWave...In most cases, you can use a stereo cable to connect your cassette player or amplified turntable output to the Line-in socket on your computer. Once connected, you can use GoldWave to record audio to your hard drive and enhance/restore the audio. The Pop/Click and Noise Reduction filters are very useful for vinyl recordings. After restoring the audio, you can use CD-R software to write the files to a disc.
    This is a "Shareware" program.
  • HyCD Play&Record...Contains many features.
    Using our "FX" feature you can convert your LP or Cassette into a digital audio CD, remove the unwanted scratch and pop sounds, and select from 25 preset special audio effects to give your CD a personal touch.
    There is a low cost associated with this program with a 10-Day Trial period.
  • Xilisoft Audio Maker 3.0....Xilisoft Audio Maker is a multifunctional audio converter, music CD ripper and audio CD burning software. With Audio Maker, you can convert, rip, and burn music CD easily, fast, with excellent quality. Compared with others, Xilisoft Audio Maker has more functions and features.
  • LP Recorder...LP Recorder has been designed with one purpose in mind - to record vinyl LPs. Connect the tape or line output from your stereo to the line input of your soundcard, select the recording input, enter a filename and press the record button.
    A trial copy of LP Recorder is available. It includes all features of the registered full version for you to try except that recordings are limited to approximately 5 minutes.
  • LP Ripper...This is a Windows program. Just record each side of your LP as a single WAV file on your computer using a program like LP Recorder(see above). LP Ripper automatically splits the file into a separate WAV file for each track. If you have a command-line MP3 Encoder, LP Ripper will use that to produce an MP3 file for each track.
    A trial copy of LP Ripper is available. It includes all features of the registered full version for you to try except that it only outputs the first 30 seconds of each track.
  • Media Jukebox...This is an all-in-one mp3 software with many capabilities yet provides an easy and efficient way to collect, organize and play music and other media files.
    They are two versions in one program file--the free version and the optional MJ PLUS.
  • Blaze Media Pro.....all-in-one multimedia software supporting playback of all popular media formats, audio and video playlist, audio and video conversions, video construction and decompiling, audio editing and recording, video processing and more.
    The audio editor can be used for audio file recording from any available source such as cassette; record player; phone line; TV tuner audio; CD player; line-In; auxiliary; microphone; wave-out; and wave-out mix.
    There is a cost associated with this program with a 15-Day Trial period.
  • Musicmatch Jukebox.....An all-in-one jukebox software lets you rip unlimited CD-quality MP3s, convert your records, tapes and CDs into MP3s with an easy one-step recording process. Choose your recording formats: MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA) or WAV files.
    They are two versions in one program file--the free version "Jukebox Basic" and the optional "Jukebox Plus".
  • Ogg Frog.....This program is in development and is free.
  • Real Jukebox.....RealJukebox Plus records your albums and cassettes into digital music files.
    They are two versions in one program file--the free version "RealJukebox" and the optional "RealJukebox Plus".
  • RIP Vinyl....RIP Vinyl is designed to record vinyl records. You can convert your albums to CD. The program will automatically listen to your album, and break it up into individual wave files for you.
    The demonstration version is available at no cost and inserts a tone 2 seconds into each track for one second. It is fully functional in every other regard. The registered version has no such restrictions.
  • TsunamiPro.....Encode, decode, play and edit .MP3 files, for streaming from the Internet. Convert MP3 to WAV and WAV to MP3 files. Built-in CD RIPPER for ripping CD tracks directly to disk. Automatic click and pop detection and removal (vinyl restoration).
    The demonstration version is available at no cost and is fully functional except for the ability to save more than 30 seconds of recorded data at a time. The registered version has no such restrictions.
  • VinylStudio.....VinylStudio makes it easy to digitize your vinyl albums and cassette tapes:
    It records, splits recordings into tracks, cleans up your recordings, burns CDs and copies tracks to your MP3 player or iPod. It can also look up track listings on the Internet. New version (V3.00, July 2007), with the ability to declick your recordings and to cut out unwanted sections (such as very bad scratches and needle jumps).
  • Wave Corrector.....a WYSIWYG waveform editor running on the Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP platforms. Use to rejuvenate your old analogue recordings before transferring them to CD. Features include "declick and dehiss vinyl records, audio restoration tools, audio filters, recording or transfer, track editor and more".
    The trial version is available at no cost and is fully functional except that the noise removal is limited to the first two minutes of the wave file and only track 1 of a multi-track album can be saved. The registered version has no such restrictions.

  Noise Reduction programs
  • Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 32.....A complete set of tools for removing clicks, pops, surface noise, hiss, and virtually any other noise you can imagine, plus numerous sound enhancement tools designed to improve audio once you've removed the noise. Also a wonderful tool for Forensic applications. It even makes CD to CD transfers sound better.
    There is a cost associated with this program.
  • Dart Pro 98 and Pro 32.....Record from any audio source, clean up problems, organize your audio files into play lists and burn standard Audio CDs that can be played in any CD player.
    Two versions:Advanced Restoration& Recording.
    There is a cost associated with both programs.
  • Micro Sound.....DNoise™ audio noise reduction and removal software from MTU delivers results from files needing audio noise reduction on a hard drive or CDROM. Eliminates pops, clicks, hiss, rumble from archive wax cylinders, records and tapes.
    There is a cost associated with this program.

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