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New&Reissue Vinyl

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Below you will find a list of sources in new and reissued vinyl records. This list contains retail dealers and various independent labels. The Record Collectors Guild does not specifically endorse any dealer listed here, but merely offers the information as a convienence to our viewers. If you know of a website that should be listed here, please e-mail the URL to the Record Collector's Guild. Please accept our thanks for your suggestions.

A reciprocal link is not mandatory but graciously accepted.

  • Acoustic Sounds Inc......With a variety of 180 gram, Direct to Disc, and other vinyl formats. Also carries various audiophile accessories.
  • Classic Records ...various 180 gram LPs available. Catagories include Rock, Jazz, Classical and Blues reissues.
  • Collectables Records ...The largest and fastest growing independent reissue record label in the United States. With an extensive catalog of vintage recordings, Collectables Records has over 3,000 45 RPM titles in print.
  • Comet Records ...Superb 20-bit digital remastering, virgin 180gms vinyls and accurate transfer process ensure a spectacular playback sound. Comet Records has reissued more than 150 titles. Great albums from the '60s and '70s appear on the Akarma rock label and other labels by Comet.
  • Dusty Groove America ...With a large assortment of Jazz, soul, R&B and a variety of international sounds.
  • Fast Hits Music ...a large assortment of current, oldie and imported 45rpm's.
  • Gatefold Records...With an assortment of vinyl including Jazz, Soundtracks, Exotica, Brazilian, Funk/Soul, Hip-Hop, Prog/Kraut Rock and Psychedelic. The 180 gram and new issued vinyl are mixed with used and sealed LP's.
  • Gear Fab Records ...Legitimate and authorized reissues of Psychedelic, Garage and Rock sounds, 1965-72.
  • Groove Note Records ...Independent label with a small catalog of Jazz and Blues artists on 180 gram LPs.
  • High Fidelity...Contains audiophile vinyl records and accessories.
  • LPNOW.com...Reissue and sealed cutout vinyl. Assorted music catalog.
  • Linus Records...An Italian site featuring "Metal, Pop, Rock, Jazz and Fusion, Wave and Punk" on new vinyl and CD releases.
  • Midnight Records.....Audiophile (180 gram) LPs and 45's of Rock and R.and B.
  • Mosaic Records....Limited edition Jazz and Blues collections on CD and 180 gram analog masters.
  • musicdirect....Standard Vinyl, 180g Vinyl, 200g Vinyl, 45 RPM Vinyl
  • Psyshop Record Labels ...Distributor of Progressive, Psychedelic and Trance groups from various independent labels. LPs, 12" Singles and CDs available.
  • Simply Vinyl.....Audiophile (180 gram) LPs of Rock and Pop music. Probably one of the largest distributors of new and reissued vinyl. This is truly a "Must See" site!
    Please Note: This site is located in the U.K. and may deal exclusively in "Pounds Sterling".
  • Sundazed Records...Reissues original albums of Garage Bands, Country, Rockabilly, Psychedelic and Pop on CDs and 180 gram LPs.
  • VinylMatters...Loads of Rock and Pop new and reissued 180 gram vinyl.

Other Sites of Interest
A listing of other possible sources of new vinyl recordings, information, and reviews.
  • All Music Guide.....Read all about your favorite artists and find a complete discography on each.
  • Record Labels.com.....a fairly complete lising of all the record labels in existance. You can contact each to inquire about their LP catalog.

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